By: Senyonga Derrick

Fort Portal

The State Minister for Luwero Triangle, Hon. Alice K. Kaboyo, has urged Rwenzori citizens to use the prevailing peace in the country to participate in the money economy, build cohesion and foster progress within their families, communities and the country.

Kaboyo made the remarks while officiating at the occasion of the commemoration of the International Day of Peace in the Rwenzori Region in Fort Portal last week.

“I appeal to elected, cultural, religious and other leaders in this region to rally all people in occasioning unity, peace and reconciliation. Please desist from dividing people along ethnic, religious and other sectarian lines,” she appealed to citizens present before adding: “Ethnicity will not put food on someone’s table. Hard work will.”

Kaboyo who had been invited by the Rwenzori Forum for Peace and Justice (RFPJ) which commemorated the day under the theme: “Actions for Peace…” used the occasion to extend an invitation to RFPJ for further discussions on how her Ministry and the fraternity can collectively foster peace and reconciliation within the region.

“As we approach 2026 general elections, do not allow your region to be torn apart. Do not mobilize youths into acts of violence. Rather, mobilize them to benefit from existing government programs. Mobilize them to embrace education, inspire them to lead fruitful lives” she emphasized.