Mr. Timothy Lubanga

Commissioner / M&E (Central Government)

Mr. Gonzaga Mayanja

Commissioner / M&E (Local Government)


To Monitor and Evaluate Government policies and programs across Ministries Departments, Agencies (MDAs) and Local Government (LGs).


Functioning National Monitoring & Evaluation

Monitoring & Evaluation for Local Governments

Monitoring & Evaluation for Central Government

Monitoring & Evaluation for Agencies, NGOs and other Government Institutions


  • Conducted Local Government Assessment fieldworks and produced reports;
  • Conducted barazas in districts e.g. Rubirizi, Masindi, Iganga, Kiruhura,…;
  • Conducted on spot checks/field monitoring on Local Government policies, projects and programs implementation in NGOs, MDAs & LGs;
  • Produced the Local Government Annual Performance Reports;
  • Produced and incorporated in the GAPR the NGO/PSOs annual performance reports;
  • Training MDAs in performance indicators and target setting;
  • Produced the Mid-Term Review report on National M&E Policy Implementation;
  • Produced the Government Annual Performance Reports for various FYs;
  • Conducted a Training Needs Assessment for NGOs and Agencies in M&E;
  • Conducted training exercises on the evaluation capacity development ecosystem mapping for NGOs;