A Coordinated, Responsive, and Accountable

Government for Socio-Economic Transformation.


To instill and maintain efficient and effective systems in

The government that enables Uganda to develop rapidly.


Article 108 A of the Constitution mandates the Prime Minister to:

(i) Be the Leader of Government Business in Parliament and be responsible for coordination and implementation of Government Policies across Ministries, Departments, and other Public Institutions.

(ii) Perform such other functions as may be assigned to him or her by the President or as may be conferred on him or her by the Constitution or by law.

OPM performs the following functions:

  1. Lead Government Business in Parliament
  2. Coordinate the Monitoring and Evaluation of the implementation of Government Policies and Programmes.
  3. Coordinate the implementation of Government Policies, Programmes and Projects including JAF Indicators and actions and PIRT decision through the National Institutional coordination Framework.
  4. Undertake Coordination of the implementation of the National Development Plan (NDP)
  5. Coordinate and provide public relations to ensure good Government image, effective coverage of national events, communication of policies/practices, and defining the ideal National Character and Values for Development
  6. Coordinate development of capacities for prevention, preparedness, and response to natural and human-induced Disasters and Refugees.
  7. Coordinate and monitor the implementation of Special Government Policies and programs for Northern Uganda, Luwero-Rwenzori, Karamoja, Bunyoro, and Teso Affairs.