Rt. Hon. Ruhakana Rugunda

Prime Minister of the Republic of Uganda
and Leader of Government Business in Parliament.

Rt. Hon. Gen. Moses Ali

1st Deputy Prime Minister of the Republic of Uganda
and Deputy Leader of Government Business in Parliament.

Dombo James

Under Secretary Executive and Senior Private Secretary to the Prime Minister.


To provide effective and efficient coordination of overall government business across sectors and ministries.

This is geared towards the following goals:

(i) contributing to the attainment of national development objectives through strategic coordination of policy and programme implementation,

(ii) timely legislation for national development through an effective execution of the role of Leader of Government Business in Parliament, and

(iii) increased visibility of OPM policies, programmes and activities


  1. Strategic inter-ministerial coordination meetings for the Prime Minister organised and facilitated: (Policy Coordination Committee-PCC, Policy Committee on Environment – PCE, Presidential Investors’ Round Table (PIRT), Prime Minister’s Private Sector Forum, and many other coordination platforms and meetings);
  2. Implementation monitoring exercises in the districts by the Prime Minister, 2nd Deputy Prime Minister, Government Chief Whip and the Minister for General Duties Organised and Facilitated;
  3. International and local travel/engagements of the Prime Minister organised and facilitated;
  4. Prime Minister’s preparations for weekly Cabinet meetings supported;
  5. Ensure that Ministers regularly attending plenary and committee sessions;
  6. Ensure that Bills passed by Parliament within stipulated timeframe;
  7. Ensure that Ministerial Statements presented within established requirements;
  8. Ensure that Oral questions and petitions timely answered/responded to;
  9. Ensure that Information on OPM Policies, Programmes and Activities disseminated through multimedia platforms.


Government policy implementation coordination

1. Strategic inter-ministerial coordination meetings for the Prime Minister organised and facilitated: (Policy Coordination Committee-PCC, Policy
Committee on Environment – PCE, Presidential Investors’ Round Table (PIRT), Prime Minister’s Private Sector Forum, and many other coordination platforms and meetings).
2. Implementation monitoring exercises in the districts by the Prime Minister, 2nd Deputy Prime Minister, Government Chief Whip and the Minister for
General Duties Organised and Facilitated.
3. International and local travel/ engagements of the Prime Minister organised and facilitated.
4. Prime Minister’s preparations for weekly Cabinet meetings supported.

Government business in Parliament coordinated

1 Regular attendance of plenary and committee sessions by Ministers coordinated.

2. Passing of Bills by Parliament within stipulated timeframe coordinated

3. Presenting of Ministerial Statements coordinated. 4. Answering and responding to Oral questions and petitions timely coordinated

Dissemination of Public Information

1. Information on OPM Policies, Programmes and Activities disseminated through multimedia platforms.

2. OPM Communication Strategy implemented

Functioning National Monitoring and Evaluation

1. Operationalization of the Prime Minister’s Delivery Unit (PMDU)

2. Drive and focus service delivery on key government priorities in infrastructure, energy, industrialization, job creation, social services in health and education

3. Monitor and Evaluate progress on delivery of strategic priorities, projects and activities against set targets

4. Establish and maintain a real time data gathering and Analysis system

5. Rate the performance of agencies, manager and political leaders who are responsible for the delivery of government priorities and programs

6. Facilitate the implementation of core projects in the NDP2