By:   Jotham Alinaitwe

Hon.Alice Kaboyo, Minister of State for the Luwero-Rwenzori Triangle, visited Luwero District again on April 10, 2024 to sensitize local leaders and citizens on strategies to increase household incomes in the region.

State Minister for Luwero Triangle Hon. Alice Kaboyo (in blue) during Eid prayers in Luwero

In a meeting with district leaders in Luwero on Tuesday, Hon Kaboyo said government was determined to lift all families out of poverty and avoid a repeat of the trend of the 2021 General elections.  She explained that, “What happened was a disaster and we were not prepared. But now that we’re here, we have some time to prepare. The president wants to see family incomes rise in this country.”

“The time for complaints is over. In addition to land, we have everything we need to fight poverty. We must develop a strategy and get to work immediately.”

Kaboyo then told the leaders that she and other Ministers had met a group of people living near President Museveni’s Kisozi Ranch in Sembabule during the day before and observed that Commercial agriculture had significantly changed the family incomes of these residents. To create a strategy to implement the President’s actions in Sembabule, Hon. Kaboyo advised district leaders to work with their constituents.

She also promised to bring some successful persons from Kisozi to Luwero so they could share with the leaders their experiences.
Kaboyo pledged support towards monitoring and following up with the hindering challenges towards the development of Luwero.