Hon. Grace Freedom Kwiyucwiny

Minister of State for Northern Uganda

Mr. James Collins Dombo

Ag. Permanent Secretary

Mr Pius Ongom

National Program Coordinator / DINU

About DINU

The Development Initiative for Northern Uganda (DINU) is a Government of Uganda programme supported by the European Union (EU) and supervised by Office of the Prime Minister (OPM). DINU is a multi-sectoral programme aimed at improving livelihoods in more than 38 districts in the five sub-regions of Acholi, Karamoja, Lango, Teso and West Nile for a duration of six years (2017-2023).

The programme supports interventions in three specific interlinked sectors: (1) Food Security, Nutrition and Livelihoods (2) Infrastructures (transport, logistics, water, energy) and (3) Good Governance.

OPM is responsible for the overall supervision of DINU implementation in partnership with local governments and a wide range of stakeholders. Key implementing partners: DFID, GIZ, UNCDF and UNICEF were identified and are undertaking part of DINU activities according to their areas of specialisation.

OPM through the DINU Programme Management Unit (PMU), manages directly five key activities with government agencies aiming to support vocational training institutions, Barazas (OPM) and Budget Transparency Initiatives (MoFPED), Uganda Police Force capacities in Karamoja and Local Government Production Departments capacities. Transport infrastructure in the regions shall also be improved through rehabilitating and upgrading of the Atiak-Adjumani-Moyo-South Sudan Border road, Atiak-Laropi Section and shall be managed by UNRA in cooperation with the Ministry of Works and Transport.

Government, following the DINU Call-for-Proposals in 2019, awarded grant contracts to nine more organisations to implement a set of activities in the areas of food security, nutrition, agriculture, good governance and accountability.  The nine grantees are: CARITAS Switzerland, International Institute of Tropical Agriculture, National Agricultural Research Organisation, Lutheran World Federation, CARE-Denmark, Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung, Center for Health Human Rights and Development, ADOL Health Care Initiative and DIAKONIA Sweden.

DURATION: 2017-2023


Government of Uganda (11,954 Mio EUR), European Union (132.8 Mio EUR),

DFID (2.67 Mio EUR), The Federal Republic of Germany (1.8 Mio EUR), UNCDF

Mio EUR) and UNICEF (1,056 Mio EUR)

DINU sectors, implementing partners and districts covered


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