By: Ismael Kasooha


President Yoweri Museveni has said that the late Maj. Gen. Ali Bamuze was dedicated to peace building and he cherished reconciliation and social economic development.

“Today we celebrate the life of the late Maj. Gen. Ali Bamuze and we pride in a life well lived and a life full of testimonies. We appreciate the work that he did during his lifetime. He unwaveringly served his country for a long time and left footprints of development wherever he worked,” said the President.

The President’s message was delivered by the Prime Minister of Uganda Rt. Hon. Nabbanja Robinah during the memorial Dua (Memorial prayers) for the late Maj. Gen. Ali Bamuze at his ancestral home at Uji Village, Kululu Sub-county, Yumbe District on Saturday.

The President thanked the family for being part of the function and for taking time to remember him for the good work he rendered to the nation.

Museveni said that the late is still remembered as a person who touched the hearts of people by action through his commitment and zeal to see that things change and missions are accomplished.

“He lived a notable life. He indeed was known by good works,” the message read in part.

The President said that the late Maj. Gen. Bamuze will be remembered for his bravery and brilliance which saw him rise in army ranks.

The late Gen. Bamuze served the army diligently in different capacities with commendable discipline and professionalism.  Just before he passed on, he was overseeing the ex-combatants.

He advocated for Yumbe district to attain a district status.  “I am glad he achieved this; he was a man who knew the development priorities of his people,” noted the president.

Museveni said that after the fall of the Idi Amin regime in 1979, he became the leader of Uganda National Rescue Front II which operated in the areas of West Nile.

“I am glad that when we offered an olive branch, Gen Bamuze did not hesitate; he embraced reconciliation and peace talks which helped to foster unity and development. Our nation was privileged to associate and work with a person of his caliber and vision. He was very resourceful and supportive of all government programmes especially in the Operation Wealth Creation program where he played a crucial role. He was a man who had his country at heart. The Nation shall remain highly indebted to his dedicated service,” the President noted.

Museveni said that the late Gen. Ali Bamuze’s legacy will linger on and implored all Ugandans to emulate the good deeds, charisma and patriotism he portrayed.

“The most befitting honor that today’s generation can render to the legacy of such a distinguished statesman, is to commit to follow in their glorious footsteps; and to jealously safeguard the wonderful achievements of their noble struggles.

We appreciate his service over the years and pray that the Almighty God enables those that he left to continue in service and further his legacy,” ended the speech.

Abdu Mutwalib Asiku, the Yumbe District LC V Chairperson said that the President during the burial of the deceased in 2015 pledged to construct a house for the family but this has not yet been achieved.

Nabbanja assured the family of the deceased that the government is working on all the pledges made by the president to the family.

The State Minister for Defence in charge Veteran Affairs Hon. Huda Oleru assured the people of West Nile that the government has earmarked money to compensate UNLF II persons the coming financial year and called for calmness.

Maj. Gen. Ali Bamuze died in October 2015 and was laid to rest at his ancestral home in Yumbe District.