By: Ismael Kasooha


The minister of works and transport Gen. Edward Katumba has asked the people of Rakai to transcend their differences in politics and help the local benefit from the Parish Development Model (PDM).

“When you start mentioning colours whether you are red, blue or yellow it doesn’t help the poor people in the area. You need to join hands and ensure that PDM is implemented so that the 39% out of the cash economy is enrolled into the money economy,” said Katumba.

Katumba while responding to issues raised by some local leaders about the amount of money to be given to individual households being little said that even a journey of 1000km starts with one step.

“We have to start small and now if we are to help our people jump out of the subsistence cycle. If we wait for more money, when will it be gotten,” said Katumba.

He said that the NRM government has come up with a strategy to help the common person also join the money economy but some people are busy decampaigning it.

Gen. Katumba said that the local leaders have to ensure that they monitor the progress of PDM if it is to realise the intended goal.

Katumba lashed at members of parliament who are criticizing the government on the increasing prices saying that they are depriving the population of information about the global situation and blaming the government for what they clearly know is not under their control.

Gen. Katumba Wamala (center) with Aisha Ssekindi Minister of State in the Vice President’s office and Sarah Kiyimba, the RDC Rakai.

Gen. Katumba asked the leaders to accept what has been provided by the government because if they wait for a lot of money it may not start.

Katumba told the leaders that the existing SACCOs will not benefit from PDM because they were formed under a different arrangement.

The local leaders in Rakai district asked the government to first tackle the challenges of poor infrastructure, especially roads and water for animals, if the parish development model (PDM) is to succeed.

The leaders raised the issues during the roll out of the PDM programme in the district headed by General Katumba Wamala in Rakai district.

The leaders welcomed the government intervention but coined its success on accessibility of roads and also water for animals and irrigation.

The minister of state for water Aisha Ssekindi asked the leaders to embrace the programme because it is meant to help the local poor under the subsistence category.

“When our people come out of poverty it is good for all of us irrespective of our political affiliations,” said Ssekindi.

The chief administrative officer Rakai William Kamara said that the implementation is moving on well despite some few challenges.

The biggest challenge was in data collection where the data collectors are slow and yet time is running out.

Government is rolling out the PDM to ensure that the 39% still trapped in the non-cash economy graduate into the cash economy to propel the country to development.