By: Jotham Alinaitwe


Hon. Esther Anyakun, who has served diligently as the Minister of State for Relief, Disaster Preparedness and Refugees, recently handed over her office to Hon. Lillian Aber, who was appointed by the President to succeed her at the Office of the Prime Minister . During the handover ceremony, Hon. Esther highlighted the achievements made during her tenure, including successful disaster response efforts and preparedness initiatives including the implementation of Projects such as DRDIP among others . She also acknowledged the areas that still require attention and left a roadmap for her successor to follow.

Hon Esther Anyakun (right) with Hon. Lillian Aber during the hand over ceremony

Hon Esther Anyakun (right) with Hon. Lillian Aber during the hand over ceremony

In her remarks, Hon. Esther pledged her full support to Hon. Lillian Aber and expressed her gratitude to the Rt. Hon. Prime Minister, the Cabinet Minister for Relief, Disaster Preparedness and Refugees, Hon. Hillary Oneck, and other colleagues for their collaboration and guidance. She emphasized the importance of continuity in disaster management efforts and encouraged seamless transition for the benefit of the nation.

Hon. Lillian Aber, the incoming Minister, assured a smooth transition and promised to build upon the foundation laid by her predecessor. She pledged to consult Hon. Esther in case of any uncertainties and committed to working closely with the existing team to ensure effective disaster response and preparedness measures.

The handover ceremony symbolized a commitment to the welfare and safety of the citizens, with both Hon. Esther Anyakun and Hon. Lillian Aber demonstrating a dedication to serving the nation in times of need. The Ministry of Relief Disaster Preparedness and Refugees looks forward to continued progress under the leadership of Hon. Lillian Aber.

Hon. Esther Davinia Anyakun is not the State Minister for Gender Labour and Social Development in charges of  Employment and Industrial Relations in the Ministry of Gender Labour.