By: Ismael Kasooha  


The Prime Minister of Uganda Robinah Nabbanja has warned nurses and midwives against striking or else they would be doing it at their own risk.

Nabbanja made the remarks while speaking as chief guest during celebrations to mark St. Andrea Kaahwa Day, one of the martyrs of Uganda at Kooki shrine in Kakumiro District.

Nabbanja said that the government is tired of blackmail and endless strikes yet they have done enough to enhance the emoluments of the health workers.

“I have held numerous meetings to enhance the health workers’ pay and we have played our part as a government. Whoever goes on strike will do it at his/her own risk and shall be replaced immediately,” said Nabbanja.

This follows reports of a planned strike by nurses over pay.

Nabbanja instructed the Service Commissions, Resident City and District Commissioners to immediately supervise government facilities to ascertain those on duty and whoever is absent shall be deemed to have absconded.

“We have people who are trained and have no jobs. If these people are not contented with what we are giving them, let us recruit others. We shall not operate on tenterhooks because of these people,” said Nabbanja.

She asked the public to seek for medical care from government facilities so that government ascertains those working and those who have absconded from duty.

The holy mass was celebrated by the Bishop of Hoima Catholic Diocese Rt. Rev. Vincent Kirabo who asked Christians to renew their faith as they remember St. Andrea Kaahwa.

“Let us renew our faith as we remember the good deeds of our Martyrs in Uganda so that we become good people,” said Kirabo.

Women praying at the statue of St. Andrea Kaahwa at Kooki in Kakumiro District

Emmanuel Aliba, the National Executive Secretary of the Justice and Peace Commission in Uganda said that the day is very instrumental because of the contribution of St. Andrea Kaahwa in the faith.

St. AndreaKaahwa (1856 – May 26, 1886) was a Ugandan Catholic martyr killed for his faith. He was born in Kooki Haibaale in the current Kakumiro District.

He was one of many Christians put to death by King Mwanga II between 1885 and 1887. He was the King Mwanga’s bandmaster-General, the Mugowa.

Thousands of pilgrims thronged the Shrine in Kooki to celebrate his life and also pray to him for God’s Mercy.

Nuns and young girls engage in Kinyarwanda dance at Kooki Holy Shrine in Kakumiro District