By: Ismael Kasooha


The Prime Minister of Uganda Rt. Hon. Robinah Nabbanja  visited Kyotera District and met the local people and the Leadership to resolve Sango Bay Land Conflict.

On Thursday April 21, 2022, Nabbanja was in Kyotera District to undertake an on-the-spot tour of the disputed land in Sango Bay.

The Sango Bay land borders Tanzania and it has been designated for a Palm Oil production project.

“I have inspected the entire piece of land using a helicopter and discovered that there are a few herdsmen and some people engaged in charcoal burning but they take a very small portion of the said land. So the investor will soon start work because we need the project to start as soon as possible,” said Nabbanja.

There has been a long standing conflict over this land between the local people and investors who were allocated land by the government.

As part of an effort to amicably settle this long standing conflict, the President directed Prime Minister Nabbanja to coordinate this conflict resolution effort.

The Premier held a community meeting at Kakuuto Sub county headquarters, to listen to the concerns of the people in order to get a peaceful settlement of the conflict.  She implored the communities concerned to let the investors   implement the project for purposes of creating employment among other benefits.

The major concern and worry amongst the people is that the government was forcefully taking their land. The residents claim that Sango Bay land is settled on by local people who have stayed on this land for a couple of years.

The Kyotera District LC V Chairman Patrick Kintu Kisekulo said that the district welcomes the project and supports it because of the numerous benefits associated with the local people.

“As leaders we support the Palm Oil Project because of the many advantages associated with it ranging from employment of the people to increased locally raised revenue from taxes,” said Kisekulo.

Geoffrey Lutaaya, the area Member of Parliament asked the government to ensure that the local people are given jobs to also earn a living.

“Our people should be given first priority for unskilled and skilled labour so that they can own the project by earning something from it,” said Lutaaya.

Government had earlier given an investor from India to plant Sugar Cane but the project stalled. Currently Sango Bay land has been given to another investor to grow Palm Oil among other things.

The Prime Minister directed another verification exercise to be undertaken and this will include all the stakeholders.

The Committee is also tasked with identifying the respective categories of people on the land.

Government has pledged to compensate lawful occupants.  End