By: Ismael Kasooha


The Prime Minister Rt. Hon. Nabbanja Robinah has asked the people of Busoga sub region especially Mayuge District to embrace government programmes aimed at improving household incomes.

The Prime Minister was Saturday presiding over the belated Mayuge District Women’s Day celebrations at Bukaboli Primary School grounds in Mayuge District.

The local leaders presented to the Premier  a number of challenges facing the people of Mayuge and asked for government intervention.

Prime Minister Robinah Nabbanja while addressing residents of Mayuge District during the belated Women’s Day celebrations

Bishop Frank Tibagendeka, the LC V Chairman said that if the government addressed the issue of roads, service delivery would improve thus the livelihoods of the people would also improve.

“The District has over 1,200km of roads but the district only gets funds that can work on just 40km. This means that we require over 30 years to work on our roads, which is sabotaging development,” said Tibagendeka.

Agrey Bagiire the area Member of Parliament said mistreatment of the fishing community was responsible for the poor performance in last general elections where the NRM Presidential candidate only got 47% of the votes.

“If government can address the issue of mistreatment of the fishing community on Lake Victoria, I’m very sure that the NRM will regain the majority vote here,” said Bagiire.

Responding to issues raised by the leaders, Nabbanja assured them of government commitment to improve service delivery.

“The NRM government under the wise leadership of President Yoweri Museveni will send sh1bn to every district to work on roads so that all areas are motorable,” said Nabbanja.

Going by the Uganda Bureau of Statistics reports released Mid last year (2022), Busoga’s poverty levels stood at 29.2% compared to the national average of 20.3%.

“Government has in the last 20 years introduced different poverty alleviation programs like ‘Bonna bagaggawale’, Youth Venture capital Fund, Youth Livelihood Program (YLP) and Uganda Women Empowerment Program (UWEP). We are currently promoting the Emyooga and Parish Development Model (PDM),” she said.

She however cautioned Local Government leaders against misuse of the funds like it had been with the road fund which was mismanaged by district officials.

Nabbanja said that the NRM government prioritized the emancipation of women unlike the past regimes.

“In the past, women were only famous for preparing food and housekeeping but when the NRM government came to power, the women were emancipated and empowered,” said Nabbanja.

She said that the government had played its role and the ball was in the hands of the public.

The Rt. Hon PM Robinah Nabbanja (with yellow scurf) laying a brick at the Bukaboli Sub county Headquarters building in Mayuge District

The 3rd Deputy prime minister and Woman Member of Parliament for Mayuge, Rukia Nakadama asked the people to embrace palm tree growing which will be introduced in the area by the government to reduce poverty levels.

“Government is introducing palm tree growing in Mayuge to help us improve household incomes and I appeal to you to embrace this because areas that have actively engaged in this venture have greatly benefited,” said Nakadama.

Alice Kaboyo, State Minister for Luwero/Rwenzori and Busoga regions assured the people of Busoga that the government had been sending money equivalent to sh3.3bn for affirmative action and more would be released.

“The government has been sending money to Busoga for affirmative action and I hope the beneficiaries are making proper use of these funds,” said Kaboyo.

Edith Namukose, the Women Council Chairperson Mayuge District, prayed for the quick recovery of President Yoweri Museveni from Covid-19 while down on her knees.

The Prime Minister earlier on in the day performed the ground breaking function for Bukaboli sub county headquarters and supported the construction with 10m shillings.

The belated Mayuge District Women’s Day celebrations were marked under the theme “innovation and technology for gender equality.

During the event over 35 youths crossed from the National Unity Platform and joined the NRM party.

Individual women and groups exhibited what they do to earn a living and the Prime Minister supported them.