By: Ismael Kasooha


The Rt. Hon. Prime Minister Robinah Nabbanja has told the residents of Kiryandongo district that the Government is committed to protecting their land rights.

During the 10th annual general meeting of the Abafumambogo clan of Bunyoro Kitara in Kitwara village in Kiryandongo on Saturday, the Premier promised to study and resolve the land dispute involving the residents and an unnamed investor over Ranch No. 11 in the district.

Nabbanja made the comments after the district leaders told her during the same clan meeting that Ranch No. 11 which was reportedly allocated to the residents by the “Government” was recently given to an investor by the Uganda Land Commission.

“I have listened to all concerns raised by leaders including those regarding land issues and I will invite you and heads of the relevant government agencies to my office to find solutions to these problems,” Nabbanja said.

Hellen Kahunde, the Kiryandongo District Woman Member of Parliament said there are several land disputes in the area. “The issue of land is a pressing one here,” she added. “The Government promised our people Ranch No. 11 but they cannot get titles due to some issues,”

Edith Aliguma Adyeeri, the Kiryandongo district chairperson, said that Ranch No. 11 covers Mutunda and Kiryandongo sub-counties. “Our people cannot get land titles because the same land was allocated to an investor,” she stated.

Aliguma requested the Government to upgrade Kiryandongo General Hospital to a referral health facility to be able to effectively deal with various medical cases.

“Our hospital is overstretched due to accidents that occur on the Kampala-Gulu highway and we request the Government to upgrade to a referral hospital for better services,” she added.

The Prime Minister, who belongs to the Abafumambogo clan, appealed to her clanmates to be role models in their communities. She delivered a contribution of sh20m from President Yoweri Museveni to the association of Abafumambogo in Bunyoro to boost its socioeconomic activities.

Godfrey Musindi, the head of the Abafumambogo clan in Bunyoro presented to the Prime Minister for inauguration members of a group he called ‘Abafumambogo President Yoweri Museveni Tova Ku Main campaign task force’.

Nabbanja thanked her clanmates for supporting Museveni and the NRM Government over the years.