By: Ismael Kasooha


President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni has asked the Christian Ministry to help the followers to achieve decent standards of living here on earth.

This was contained in his message delivered for him by the Prime Minister Rt. Hon. Nabbanja Robinah during the Golden Jubilee celebrations for Bukedi Diocese as they marked 50 years of existence at St. Peter’s Cathedral in Tororo.

“I congratulate Bukedi Diocese upon reaching this important milestone of a Golden Jubilee. I want to thank the Rt. Rev. Samuel Bogere Egesa for inviting me to join the faithful of this Diocese as they celebrate fifty years of the existence. I commend you for your visionary and courageous leadership in uniting the people of God and preaching the Gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ,” the message read in part.

Museveni said that besides preparing the believers for their future heavenly home, religious leaders should encourage the faithful under their stewardship to work hard.

“The Christian Ministry must help the followers to achieve decent standards of living here on earth. This simply means that besides preparing the believers for their future heavenly home, religious leaders encourage the faithful under their stewardship to work hard. This is a crucial point which some believers fail to understand and also practice,” said the president.

The president says that the NRM Government recognizes the role of the Church of Uganda in shaping the morals of our society by condemning social ills like corruption, child abuse and sacrifices, early marriages.

“The Church has been one of the most reliable partners of the Government in achieving development and socio-economic transformation of Uganda. Religious institutions have supplemented Government efforts in raising people’s living standards by extending health and educational services near the people. Direct and indirect employment opportunities have been created through church founded projects. This is a positive trend which should be applauded and imitated by all faith-based organizations,” said Museveni.

Museveni said that believers should emulate Jesus Christ who was never a bystander or spectator in development.

“Jesus Christ should serve as an example to all the religious leaders and their followers. The Biblical record shows that besides fasting and prayer, he also healed the physical ailments of the blind, lame, lepers, deaf etc. Additionally, he earned his bread by working alongside his father Joseph as a carpenter. Jesus was not a passive bystander or spectator in the development process of his society. He worked for both the spiritual and socio-economic uplift of society. This is what all Christians must emulate,” emphasized the president.

The Archbishop of the Church of Uganda the Most Rev. Dr. Samuel Stephen Kazimba Mugalu, who was the main celebrant at the Jubilee celebrations asked the people of Bukedi to transcend tribal differences to develop their area.

“We must be united, we should condemn discrimination on tribal grounds, I’m a Munyole, Mugwere, Muteso, Mudama, Musamya, we shouldn’t regard ourselves as so. Let us not look at our political differences whether you are NRM, FDC or NUP but all children of God,” said Kazimba.

His Grace Kazimba asked the believers to desist from acts of witchcraft and other forms of sins to enter the Kingdom of God.

The leaders from the area who included the Minister of State for Defence,  Jacob Oboth Oboth prayed for the Unity of the people and reminded government to fulfil the creation of more districts out of Tororo.

Bishop Samuel Bogere Egesa talking to the Prime Minister after receiving the donation from President Museveni at St. Peter’s Cathedral in Tororo

President Museveni donated 80 Million shillings to Bukedi Diocese in Eastern Uganda and the Prime Minister also donated 20 million shillings towards the construction of the Jubilee House in Tororo Municipality.

The host Bishop Rt. Rev. Samuel Bogere Egesa said that Bukedi Diocese plans to create another diocese as they celebrate 50 years.

The Prime Minister later laid a foundation stone for the construction of the Tororo Diocese Jubilee House on behalf of the President.

PM (extreme right) after laying a foundation stone on the Jubilee House on behalf of the President

The day was marked under the theme “Growing in unity and self-sustainability”.

The Golden Jubilee celebrations were attended by several Bishops including the Bishop of Bunyoro Kitara Diocese Rt. Rev. Samuel Kahuma, political leaders among others.