By: Ismael Kasooha


Prime Minister Robinah Nabbanja has instructed Resident District Commissioners and Internal security personnel to verify all persons selected to benefit from the Parish Development Model (PDM).

This follows reports from the public that some people who are benefiting from PDM are well to do at the expense of the poor.

President Yoweri Museveni on 26th February 2022 launched the Parish development model at Kibuku grounds to eliminate subsistence farming and join the money economy.

During her community mobilization on government programmes in the sub counties of Bwanswa, Kasambya, Kisengwe and Kakumiro town council, the residents told the prime minister that the selection of beneficiaries is not favouring the poor hence being left out.

Imelda Nansamba, a resident of Kihurumba village in Bwanswa sub county said that her name was initially included on the list of beneficiaries but when the money was released she was scrapped off.

“These people are only giving money to the rich and those known to them, leaving us the poor people outside,” said Nansamba.

Barnabas Nsamba, one of the residents, said that his name was also removed from the list of beneficiaries with claims that he was better off compared to other people.

“My enterprise at the village level selected me as a beneficiary but my name was deleted by the Parish development committee but I kept calm,” said Nsamba.

In the village of Kihurumba there were reports that all people who benefited from PDM were relatives which caused a lot of uproar from the community.

Nabbanja told the public that the president introduced PDM to serve the 39% of households outside the money economy by giving money as capital to engage in productive ventures.

“Whoever is interfering with the process of selecting the poor people to benefit from PDM will be dealt with accordingly because the President has a lot of hope in this programme,” said Nabbanja.

 Nabbanja asked the head of PDM at the parishes to submit all names of the intended beneficiaries for verification by the Resident District commissioners and security operatives.

“Going forward, do not disburse any more money to the people before informing the RDCs and security to ensure that the real targeted beneficiaries are the ones who are served,” said Nabbanja.

She said that while on a working visit to Rukiga district the residents there also complained that the real poor people are being sidelined claiming that they cannot pay back yet the President wants these very people to start production to enter the money economy.

Nabbanja held 9 meetings with the residents at different locations to assess the implementation of government programmes but also listen to the issues affecting them regarding service delivery.

However, in some areas the beneficiaries gave testimony that they have received the money and have already procured inputs and domestic animals to improve their livelihoods.

“I got one million shillings and bought three goats and four pigs but I fear that thieves might come and steal them so I decided to sleep with the goats in my house,” said Jovia Kamusiime.

At Kisengwe Trading center the sub county leaders told the Prime Minister that they are facing several challenges that include lack of safe clean water, poor road network and congestion in health facilities.

Nabbanja assured the people that she has taken note of all their issues and promised to address them with the relevant ministries and agencies.

Nabbanja addressed rallies until 10:00 pm so that she could listen to the issues affecting the communities, especially the progress of PDM.