By:  Mugerwa Michael

Prime Minister Robinah Nabbanja had a working visit to the districts of Ntoroko and Kikuube, to address challenges related to refugee resettlement and water flooding.  This visit follows a petition made by the respective area MPs, who requested the Prime Minister to undertake a field visit to appreciate the dire conditions affecting the two districts.

As water on Lakes Victoria, Albert and Kyoga continues to rise, some parts along the lake shores have flooded beyond the usual level.  Lake Albert in Ntoroko district has had its shores extend consequently affecting a number of landing sites.  Kanara Town Council and Kanara Sub-County were most affected in the district.  People are now settled in eight camps. Rwangara, Kacwankumu, Umoja and Rwenyana Primary Schools are all submerged.

The Prime Minister used a boat to access some of the affected areas. She visited a number of landing sites where all the houses are submerged. She informed the people that government was aware about their challenges and a decisive action will be taken. ‘We shall look for alternative land to resettle you’, she said.

She implored them to be patient as government seeks a permanent solution to challenges caused by floods. The Premier directed the Departments for Disaster and Refugees, to urgently deliver relief items to the displaced people in Kanara Sub-county.

Earlier, the Ntoroko district leadership made some proposals to the Prime Minister and they included the following; that part of Semliki game reserve be degazetted to resettle the flood victims. They demanded for a resettlement fund to restore the broken infrastructure and to allow people use the traditional smaller boats.

While at Kyangwali resettlement camp in Kikuube district, the Prime Minister was briefed by the area MPs and local leaders, about illegal eviction of people that took place in Bukinda sub-county.

At Bukinda Primary school, the Prime Minister addressed a section of people who were evicted. She issued a directive stopping allocation of the disputed land. ‘I will seek the President’s guidance on the matter’, the Premier said.

The Prime Minister was accompanied on her visit by the respective line Ministers and other senior government officials. END