By: Ismael Kasooha

The Prime Minister Rt. Hon. Robinah Nabbanja has met Chairpersons and Vice Chairpersons of Committees in the Parliament of Uganda.

The purpose was to consolidate teamwork that will ensure government business is handled timely and with urgency.

“Our major objective was to build synergy, cohesion and team to ensure that all government business is processed with the urgency it deserves and on time,” said Nabbanja.

This meeting comes after the start of the second session of the 11th Parliament of Uganda that started on Tuesday 5th July 2022, where several important Bills are scheduled to be handled.

The Prime Minister congratulated the respective Sectoral Committees for a job well done, inspite of the challenging times.

“The Central Executive Committee (CEC) of the National resistance movement sat and extended the term of office of the current leaders of committees of Parliament,” said Nabbanja.

She observed that in the last session, some committees remained with unfinished business and urged them to dedicate time for better output at the end of the session.

The Premier encouraged the committees to produce reports based on research and consultation.

“You need to do research but within the set time frame so that we deliver to Ugandans because we have a running agreement with them in form of the NRM manifesto,” said Nabbanja.

The Premier implored Members of Parliament to support, educate and monitor the Parish Development Model.

The Committee chairpersons pledged their resolve to work closely with the Office of the Prime Minister.

Kefa Kiwanuka, one of the committee chairpersons told the meeting that sometimes ministers frustrate the work of committees by failing to produce the required information in time.

“Are you aware that some ministries frustrate our work as committees by delaying to produce what is expected of them to enable us to perform our duty? asked Kiwanuka.

The MPs applauded the government’s development effort but pointed out areas that may derail the Parish Development Model such as land conflicts and corruption.

In another development, the Prime Minister held a meeting to follow up on the status of a fresh tax levied on exported Uganda Eggs, by the Kenyan government.

Nabbanja noted that the Parish Development Model is expected to produce many products that need market.

She said that the government will have to look for alternative markets in the region particularly in the DR Congo so that farmers and traders do not make losses in turn.

The Meeting was attended by the 1st Deputy Prime Minister and Minister for East African Community Affairs Rebecca Kadaga, Minister for Trade Mwebesa and line technical officers.