By: Ismael Kasooha

The Prime Minister of the Republic of Uganda Rt. Hon. Robinah Nabbanja has called for the revival of community service locally known as ‘Burungi bwansi’.

“It was a good practice for the community to actively engage in Bulungi bwansi in the past but this good practice is slowly dying out,” Nabbanja said. “People let the roads and other infrastructural projects like water sources to get spoilt and they wait for Government to fix them,”

Prime Minister Rt. Hon. Nabbanja Robinah Nabbanja joining residents to work on Nyamuguza River that connects Mubende and Kakumiro Districts

Nabbanja, who joined residents to build a bridge over River Nyamuguza, which marks the boundary between Kakumiro and Mubende Districts, on Saturday, stressed the need to revive Burungi bwansi to maintain public facilities.

The old bridge over River Nyamuguza at a crossing point in Kibijo sub-county in Kakumiro and Butologo sub-county in Mubende was washed away when the river flooded between October and November last year. The Ministry of Works and Transport and Kakumiro District Local Government provided various equipment and engineers to facilitate the construction of a new bridge. The local people provided construction materials and labour.

“It is the role of the Government to build public facilities like roads, water sources and many others, but the community should play a significant role in maintaining these facilities for sustainability,” Nabbanja said.

The Premier noted that the construction of the bridge has been made possible by a partnership between the Government and the local people and leaders.

“The local people provided some materials such as sand and stones,” Nabbanja added. “I supported them with hardcore stones, cement, and other items such as iron bars and cement. The Government is providing equipment and technical support,”

She added that, “This road is very important to the people in Kakumiro and Mubende. It facilitates business between the two districts and enables people traveling from Mubende to Kakumiro to access various services like education and health and vice versa,”

The Kakumiro Resident District Commissioner Maj.(Rtd) David Matovu said the local people have made a significant contribution towards the construction of the bridge.

“Our people have appreciated the need to engage in community work for the good of their areas. I pray that they continue with such spirit,” Matovu said.

The Kibijjo sub-county district councilor, John Bogere, commended the Government for working with the residents to build the bridge.