By: Ismael Kasooha


The Office of the Prime Minister (OPM) has donated a brand-new Class B Ambulance to help Bunyoro sub region in saving lives of the people.

Handing over the ambulance to Hoima Regional Referral Hospital management, the Prime Minister Rt. Hon. Nabbanja Robinah said that when she visited the hospital some time back, it was reported that the facility had only one functioning ambulance, yet it was supposed to serve the entire region of Bunyoro.

The Ambulance that was handed over to Hoima Regional Referral Hospital during the World Tourism Day celebrations in Hoima

“When I visited Hoima Regional Referral Hospital sometime back it was reported that referral services were inadequate and my office decided to lend a hand by buying an ambulance to save lives,” said Nabbanja.

She cautioned the management of Hoima Regional Referral Hospital to put the ambulance to proper use and ensure it serves the whole region.

She said that the NRM government, as promised in the manifesto tag line, “Securing the future”, will deliver to the people of Uganda.

The ambulance was purchased through the Ministry of Bunyoro affairs at a cost of shs300 million.

While handing over the Ambulance to the hospital administration, the Prime Minister of Uganda Robinah Nabbanja asked them to put it to good use.

The State Minister for Bunyoro Affairs Jenipher Kacha Namuyangu urged the management of Hoima Regional Referral Hospital to ensure that people benefit from the services of this ambulance indiscriminately.

The Prime Minister Rt. Hon. Nabbanja Robinah (Centre) joined by Bunyoro Affairs Minister Jenipher Namuyangu and the Tourism minister Col. Tom Butime handing over the ambulance to Hoima regional referral hospital

“We want this vehicle to serve our people well without any discrimination or favors because we want to save lives of the people,” said Namuyangu.

She added that the company that supplied the Ambulance would service it until it clocks 100,000 kilometers or a warrant of 5 years whichever comes first.

Dr. Tom Ediamo who received the ambulance on behalf of the Hospital Director thanked the Government of Uganda for the donation noting that they had been finding it hard to transport patients that needed referrals.

“The Ambulance has come at the right time when we have been struggling with referrals especially when we have emergencies such as accidents and disease outbreaks. This will greatly improve our services,” said Ediamo.

The handover was dome during the celebrations to mark World Tourism Day held at Boma grounds in Hoima City.