By: Ismael Kasooha

KIRUHURANorth Ankole diocese of the Anglican Church on Saturday held special thanksgiving prayers to congratulate President Yoweri Museveni upon healing from Covid-19.

The prayers were organized by the Bishop of North Ankole diocese Steven Namanya to thank the Almighty for healing the fountain of Honour, Yoweri Kaguta Museveni from the deadly Covid-19.

The prayers took place at St. Emmanuel Cathedral Rushere in Kiruhura District.

President Yoweri Museveni was recently diagnosed with Covid-19 and went into self-isolation for some days but later tested negative.

The thanksgiving prayers started with praise songs thanking God for healing President Yoweri Museveni.

The Bishop of North Ankole Diocese Rt. Rev. Steven Namanya in a message delivered for him by Rev. Canon Patrick Tinka said that they organized the Thanksgiving prayers to show their appreciation to God for healing the president from the deadly Covid-19.

“We were concerned and worried when the President declared that he had contracted Covid-19 which killed many people. We are grateful to God for healing him so fast,” said Bishop Namanya.

Bishop Namanya, who could not attend the prayers because of ill-health said that the Christians deemed it necessary to hold thanksgiving prayers because God had done wonders to heal the president.

The Bishop lauded President Museveni and the first lady for steering the country to development especially in eliminating the six killer diseases that were wiping out children before the age of 5.

“The country was losing many children at infancy but with the coming into power of president Yoweri Museveni now children can grow up and that is why our population has increased to over 45 million people up from 14 million in 1986,” said Namanya.

He said that the country has experienced peace and stability including educating Ugandans from 45% in 1986 to 79% in 2021 on top of promoting unity.

The restoration of Uganda Airlines and liberalization of the economy which has seen the private sector take part in the development agenda of the country.

“Basing on all the above we deemed it necessary to organize thanksgiving prayers for the President,” said Bishop Namanya.

Presiding over the Thanksgiving prayers at St. Emmanuel Cathedral church the Prime Minister Robinah Nabbanja lauded the people of North Ankole for the love they have for president Museveni and organizing thanksgiving prayers for him.

“I have to thank you the people of North Ankole diocese for loving the president and for your prayers when he had contracted Covid-19. So I had to come and join you to thank the almighty God for this miracle,” said Nabbanja.

Nabbanja said that all Ugandans prayed for the quick recovery of the president because he is a God Given resourceful and focused president.

The Premier thanked the people of Kiruhura for always supporting the NRM government and voting able leaders.

Nabbanja, however, challenged the people of Kiruhura to stop changing leaders because this affects service delivery.

“You are good NRM supporters but one thing I appeal to you is to stop dropping your members of parliament because this affects continuity in service delivery,” she noted.

Nabbanja asked the people of Kiruhura to embrace government programmes so that all people can develop and join the money economy.

Members of Parliament from Kiruhura district thanked God for healing President Museveni so that he could continue serving the country.

Jovanice Rwenduru, the woman MP Kiruhura thanked God for listening to the prayers of Ugandans to heal the President.

However, Wilson Kajwengye, the Nyabushozi constituency Legislator reported to the Prime Minister that animal theft has rocked the area with people slaughtering their animals and taking away meat while others are transporting stolen animals in small Premio vehicles.

“Nyabushozi and Kiruhura have a challenge of theft of domestic animals. These people come and steal our animals and pack them in small vehicles while others are slaughtered from here and they take away meat,” said Kajwengye.

Kajwengye said that there is a serious complaint that when these people are arrested by the time the files reach the magistrate’s courts they have no incriminating evidence and they are set free in that manner.

At the Thanksgiving service over 98 million shillings was raised in cash and pledges to help in the development of the Church.

The prime Minister bought President Museveni’s Portrait at 10m shillings, a heifer at 5 million shillings and also pledged to contribute more sh50 million towards development projects of the Church.