The Minister of State for Luwero- Rwenzori Triangle, Hon. Kaboyo Alice has called for peace and unity in resolving conflicts existing among the Civilian Veterans of Gombe Subcounty.

She said the veterans need to work together and desist from tendencies of greed and disunity which cause conflict.

The Minister made the remarks while presiding over a meeting she held with the Civilian Veterans in Gombe Subcounty in Wakiso District on 18th February 2022.

The Minister thanked the Civilian Veterans for their contribution and role in the NRA liberation war and asked them to focus on embracing peace and consolidating the achievements of the struggle.

She said the veterans ought to embrace and engage in the several programmes that have been implemented by the government to improve their livelihoods such as the Parish Development Model.

Hon. Kaboyo also asked the veterans to exercise transparency in discussing issues related to the compensation funds known as “Akasiimo” noting that it will dispel the spread of malicious information about NRM.

The Special Presidential Assistant on Political Affairs, Brig. Gen. Jacob Asiimwe thanked the civilian veterans for their contribution towards the liberation struggle, noting that the veterans in Gombe Subcounty fought some of the fiercest battles since they were more susceptible to the enemy camp.

The Resident District Commissioner of Wakiso District, Mbidde Yasin asked the civilian veterans to mobilise support for the NRM in the area. He decried the high levels of crime in Gombe Subcounty which have hindered development and called for joint efforts in solving crime.

The Mayor of Gombe Division, Kasirivu Ronald thanked the Government for its commitment towards supporting the veterans. He called for unity among the veterans.

The Chairman of the Civilian Veterans of Gombe Subcounty, John Muwanga thanked the President for supporting the civilian veterans through the Akasiimo project.

The Civilian Veterans asked the Government to fulfil the pledges made to them and also increase the funds allocated to the Akasiimo beneficiaries. End