By: Ismael Kasooha  


The Minister of State for Luwero/Rwenzori Affairs Alice Kaboyo has said that the government, through her Ministry will first focus on three Districts for Akasiimo.

“This coming Financial Year we shall focus on only 3 Districts of Luwero, Nakaseke and Nakasongola to pay the war claimants so that we don’t spread thin,” said Kaboyo.

She said that in the previous interventions, the little money was being distributed to many districts hence the impact could not be traced.

The Luwero Rwenzori Minister of State Alice Kaboyo with civillian veterans from Kakumiro District

While addressing Civilian Veterans in Kakumiro District on Monday, Kaboyo said that the money was available but she would prefer tackling a few districts first so that the impact could be felt.

“When you spread to many Districts with little resources, it becomes extremely difficult to create any impact among the beneficiaries,” she said.

During the Heroes Day celebrations at Kasaala Grounds in Butuntumula Sub county in Luwero District, Kaboyo said that the government had injected over 200 billion shillings in the Luwero/Rwenzori Ministry but the impact could not still be felt because of spreading thin.

Kaboyo asked both NRA Veterans and contact persons to actively engage in government programmes aimed at wealth creation.

She said that despite the special interventions designed to support the veterans and contact persons all over the country, they needed to embrace other wealth creation programmes such as Emyooga and PDM.

Kaboyo was representing the Prime Minister of Uganda Robinah Nabbanja to deliver condolences to the family of an NRA historical late Aramanzan Ruboha upon the loss of one Deo Kasiba who recently died in a road accident in Kagadi District.

Kasiba was the heir to Late Ruboha who died in the month of March 2023.

During an engagement held in Ikuma village, Kagadi Town Council, Kagadi District and later Kakumiro District, the civilian veterans raised concerns on low incomes and their general welfare.

“Our fathers sacrificed for this country and they died before being given Kasiimo. We appeal to the government to consider us so that we can improve our livelihoods,” said Sanyu Christopher son to Late Byekwaso Yakobo, a civilian veteran.

Magembe Kabanda, from Mpasaana sub county said that some people lost their property to ADF rebels in 2001 but up until now they have not been compensated.

Kabanda appealed to the minister to consider their claims so that they could also improve on their household incomes.

The Minister asked all the civilian veterans to register themselves so that they were known to wipe out the fraudsters who had been taking money from the government in disguise.

Responding to concerns from the civilian veterans, Kaboyo urged technocrats to give priority to veterans and contact persons while selecting beneficiaries during the implementation of government programmes.

She challenged them on mindset change instead of waiting for government assistance.

“You or your parents sacrificed to have this government in power so you should have a mindset change to start engaging in the existing government wealth creation interventions instead of waiting for Akasiimo all the time,” said Kaboyo.

Kaboyo commended civilian veterans for their continued support, patriotism and pledged to deliver their concerns to the Head of State.

Minister Alice Kaboyo with sons and daughters of civillian veterans pose for a group photo in Kagadi District recently

Children of the veterans and local leaders lauded President Yoweri Museveni and the NRM government for consistently remembering their fathers who contributed to the NRA bush struggle.

Ssentamu John, a grandson to Mzee Aramanzan Ruboha thanked the President for always being there for them by supporting the families whenever need arose.

“We are grateful to our dear President for the support he gave to our grandfather while still alive and we pray that this relationship continues even after his death,” said Ssentamu.

Geofrey Businge, the Mayor of Kagadi Town Council lauded President Yoweri Museveni for always remembering the people who played a great role in the liberation struggle.

“Deliver our sincere gratitude to His Excellency the President of Uganda for his efforts in remembering the people who helped in the armed struggle that ushered in this government. We appreciate it,” said Businge.

Minister Kaboyo delivered 10 million shillings as condolences from President Yoweri Museveni to the family of Ruboha and also promised to support the family with another 10 million shillings if they form a SACCO or for a revolving fund.

Kagadi, Kibaale and Kakumiro played a great role during the NRA struggle that ushered in the NRM government in 1986.