The Minister of State for Luwero-Rwenzori Triangle, Hon. Alice Kaboyo has called upon the Civilian Veterans to set up SACCOs so that they can benefit from the operation wealth creation programmes established by the government.

She said government funding can easily be channeled and accessed by the Veterans through their established SACCOs aimed to facilitate the social-economic transformation of households.

“I encourage you to form and register SACCOs or associations in your respective parishes in order to tap into various Government programmes. Your historical relevance gives you an advantage and it will be sad if such wonderful programs do not benefit you our civilian veterans,” Hon. Kaboyo said.

The Minister made her remarks while presiding over a meeting she held with the Civilian Veterans in Makulubita Subcounty, Luwero District on 17th February 2022.

She said the President has been very instrumental in prioritising the needs of the veterans to ensure that their welfare is improved.

“The President still loves you and is concerned about your well-being. The most sustainable way he can ensure that you have a stable source of livelihood or some money in your pockets is through the formation of SACCOs or associations through which your projects can be supported. Do not let him down,” Hon. Kaboyo mentioned.

The Minister asked the veterans to continue mobilising support for the NRM political party and to guide the youth to make informed decisions that can spur the country’s social-economic growth.

She pledged her commitment to supporting the Civilian Veterans.

The Resident District Commissioner of Luwero District, Juliet Najjuma thanked the government for implementing several developmental programmes in the District. She, however, noted that lack of transparency and integrity among some of the civilian veterans has led to the tarnishing of the government’s image.

The Chairman of the Civilian Veterans Association in Makulubita Subcounty, Kizza Denis thanked the President and the government for supporting the veterans in the area. He asked the Government to support the veterans with agricultural machinery to venture into modernised farming.

Mr. Kizza also requested that the President consider increasing the compensation funds allocated to the “Akasiimo” beneficiaries.

On their part, the Civilian Veterans called on the government to enhance security and fight the rampant crime rate in Makulubita Subcounty. End