By: Joyce Babirye
The Minister of State for Relief, Disaster Preparedness and Refugees, Hon. Esther Anyakun and the Minister of State in charge of Bunyoro Affairs, Hon. Jennifer Namuyangu have appealed to development partners to support government in providing services to the people living in Kyangwali settlement.

Hon. Anyakun said that the Government is in the process of acquiring land titles for over 10,000 people that were resettled from Kikuube and Kyangwali Districts. Each of the resettled families was allocated 2 1/2 acres of land. The ministers promised that the Office of the Prime Minister was going to partner with the Lands Ministry to investigate how individuals had acquired 9 titles, off government land. The development has been a source of conflict which eventually led to some people abandoning the land and camp at the RDCs offices in Kikuube.

The land conflict had also forced development partners to divert their resources to other areas. Some of the development partners informed the Ministers that they had been threatened by letters from the lawyers of Kyeeya Enterprises Ltd. The ministers assured the development partners that the land belongs to Government. “Let Kyeeya Enterprises come with their land title and government presents its title and we see whose title will be cancelled,” said Anyakun. The Ministers, who appealed to development partners to construct a health center, hospital, schools and help to provide clean water made the remarks during a tour of Kyangwali Refugee Settlement last week.

A Section of Development Partners representatives at the Relief Handover Ceremony

Representatives from OXFAM and WASH said they were ready to conduct an assessment to see how they could support provision of water and sanitation services. CARE International said that they had already been to Bukinda where the people were resettled and were ready to serve the most vulnerable people.

CARE specialises in provision of protection service ware. SAMISI, an NGO, that specialises in environment and energy activities pledged to provide wood and poles to construct the temporary structures and to provide tree seedlings. Save the Children International and CARITAS Hoima promised to strengthen systems to support the children.


Ministers and OPM Staff inspect land at Kyeeya

“If the people at the RDC’s office want to stay, they are free to do so as long as they don’t disturb the people in Kyeeya,” said Hon. Namuyangu. At the same time Police promised to secure the land for the infrastructure and to protect the surveyors and other service providers.
The ministers delivered food and non-food items to the people in Kyangwali Settlement. The items included jerry cans, mats, blankets and a kitchen set. “These items are enough for 100 households and should be given to the most vulnerable people” said Hon. Anyakun.
The meeting took place on March 4, 2022 at Kyangwali Refugee Settlement offices. It was attended by representatives from 39 development partners, district leaders and OPM staff. Later the Ministers travelled to Kyeeya to inspect the land meant for the construction of a secondary school.  They also made a stopover at Kacwampale church that has a population of 150 pupils. They addressed community members and assured them of government protection and that no one has a right to chase them away.