By: Ismael Kasooha


The opposition-dominated Butambala District leaders have agreed to bury their hatchet and promote the Parish Development Model for the good of the common person.

This was during the PDM rollout sensitization meeting held at Butambala District headquarters.

The leaders who included Muwanga Kivumbi, the area MP and Hajjat Aisha Kabanda the woman MP appealed to the people to embrace the PDM programme because it will help the vulnerable people.

“This programme is pro-people so we should support it for our own good,” said Muwanga.

Aisha Kabanda the woman MP Butambala said that this is a grassroots programme that targets the common person hence needs support from all people regardless of their political affiliations.

Ministers who included Judith Nabakooba for lands, Jackson Kafuuzi, the Deputy Attorney General and Margaret Muhanga the State Minister for Primary Healthcare rallied the people of Butambala to heed to the government’s call to improve their livelihoods.

Meanwhile, during the sensitization, the Prime Minister Rt. Hon. Robinah Nabbanja asked Butambala residents to start engaging in calculative enterprises based on the size of their land.

“This is the time to engage in enterprises that generate more money because of the prevailing conditions such as scarcity of land. You need to engage in high value crops and intensive farming as opposed to extensive because land is no longer enough,” said Nabbanja.

Nabbanja said that all government programmes aim at helping the people but this one is targeting individual households that are still trapped in subsistence life.

Nabbanja warned the people of Butambala that the PDM may fail due to several factor including land fragmentation.

In a related development Muwanga Kivumbi, the Butambala Member of Parliament accused NFA of giving out natural forests to the rich who end up planting Eucalyptus trees for commercial purposes.

During the meeting the prime minister ordered for the immediate recruitment of a substantive medical superintendent for Gombe hospital to improve on service delivery.