By: Ismael Kasooha


First Ladies and women leaders from the Asia Pacific and Africa have today signed a declaration committing themselves to adopt technologies to ensure sustainable food production and clean water that children need to survive.

During day two of the Asia Pacific and Africa economic women summit in Tokyo Japan, the leaders unanimously adopted the declaration to address the plight of women and children on the three continents.

The communique aims at addressing the long standing challenges that impede countries to increase agricultural production and productivity.

Robinah Nabbanja, Uganda’s Prime Minister at the summit said that the time was now for mothers to adopt new advanced technologies to respond to the changing climatic conditions which were affecting the food security in most parts of the world.

The joint communique also sought to ensure that the future children in Africa, Asia and the Pacific grow up strong and healthy.

The women also committed themselves to ensure that countries where they originate from must acquire the food security technologies from advanced countries.

The women leaders expressed their desire to protect the precious lives of children at a time when the whole world is greatly impacted by climate change and go forward into the future in a spirit of cooperation and mutual encouragement as African mothers.

Nabbanja said that there was need to use available resources in Africa to address the existing challenges caused by disasters both human and nature based.

Tophace Kaahwa, Uganda’s Ambassador to Japan and South Korea said that the summit had come at the right time when the world was in need of transformation from subsistence to commercial farming.

Kaahwa said that Ugandans need to tap into the opportunities available to develop economically.

The Japan International cooperation Agency (JICA) pledged for more support to countries to address food security concerns and also improve the livelihoods of the people through promotion of New Rice for Africa (NERICA).

The summit attracted first ladies and women leaders from Africa, Asia and the Pacific and is running under the theme “To cope with food crises for the future of children, by mothers”.