Hon. Agnes Akiror Egunyu

Minister of State for Teso Affairs.

Ketty Lamaro

Under Secretary for Pacification & Development


  1. Objective: 
    1. To initiate, design coordinate, collaborate and Implement special programmes and projects for the Teso Region


    1. Implementation PRDP and other Government programs coordinated and monitored.
    2. Implementation of Presidential pledges coordinated.
    3. Special and specific affirmative interventions implemented.
    4. Peace building conflict resolution promoted.
    5. Former internally Displaced Persons (IDPs) resettled.
    6. Other Government Ministries, Departments and Agencies (MDAs) coordinated.


    Key activities

    1. Monitoring and coordinating the implementation of PRDP and other Government Programmes.
    2. Coordinating/liaising and collaborating with other Government MDAs delivery of services.
    3. Following up on the fulfilment of Presidential pledges.
    4. Resettling former IDPs.
    5. Promoting peace building and resolving conflicts.
    6. Implementing special and specific affirmative interventions.


    The Key achievement for the Ministry for Teso Affairs for the period 2012/13 to 2017/18 include:

    1. Procured and distributed 3 hydraform machines in the Districts of  Kumi, Serere and Bukedea
    2. Developed the Teso Development Plan
    3. Procured and distributed 1,091 ox-ploughs
    4. Procured and distributed 26 motor cycles for health workers, religious leaders and Abarata Kere group
    5. Procured and distributed 20,038 iron sheets to formally internally displaced persons
    6. Procured and distributed 10,000 hand hoes to vulnerable persons
    7. Procured and distributed 20,959 cattle to vulnerable persons
    8. Procured and distributed 1,160 bags of cement to religious institutions
    9. Procured and delivered 3 agricultural tractors with implements
    10. Completed and equipped Omatenga Antenatal unit
    11. Supported 120 household income generating activities
    12. Procured and delivered 1000 fishnets to the fishing communities of Serere district
    13. Constructed Mukongoro Police administration block and staff house using Hydraform Technology
    14. Procured 2 Vehicles
    15. Supported 122 Micro projects
    16. 1000 Fishnets procured and distributed in Serere District