To initiate, design coordinate and Implement special programmes and projects for Bunyoro Region


  1. Coordinate development efforts in Bunyoro.
  2. Promote peace dialogue aimed at resolving conflict in Bunyoro Region.
  3. Ensure the implementation of the Presidential pledges to Bunyoro Region are coordinated and the general rehabilitation of the area.
  4. Undertake monitoring and supervision of Government programmes and activities implemented.
  5. Support the agricultural production activities.


Implementation of PRDP coordinated and monitored

1. 100 Micro projects to enhance household incomes for youth, women & PWDs supported.

2. 05 Crop nursery operators in the sub-region supported.

3. 10,000 hand hoes procured and distributed.

4. Four (4) consultative meetings with the public and private stakeholders held.

5. 12 Political Monitoring and supervision mission undertaken.

6. Benchmarking visits conducted

7. One photocopier and a laptop procured

Key Achievements

Implementation of PRDP coordinated and monitored
  1. Facilitated the awarding of a Contract for iron sheets. The draft contract has been finalized and is ready for submission to SG
  2. Undertook One (1) benchmarking visit on development projects in oil-producing regions
  3. Provided funds to support youth micro-projects in the region
  4. I identified and supported 6 Crop nurseries in the region.
  5. Developed Terms of references for the Baseline survey and awaiting consultations with MSBA.
  6. Facilitated the BA team to monitor government programmes in the region as well as the operations of the Office
  7. Prepared a report of the Youth mobilization activities in the region
  8. Undertook 1 political monitoring and supervision missions undertaken in the region.
  9. Supported 18 micro-projects in Kibale Districts with 18.9 million shillings
  10. Met Office (Regional & Headquarters) operational costs