1. To initiate, design and coordinate special programmes and projects for the recovery and
    Development of Northern Uganda


1.Promoting revitalization and development of the economy of Northern Uganda.
2. Ensuring effective implementation of Government’ development Programmes.
3.Ensuring fulfilment of Presidential pledges to the war victims in the regions of Karamoja and Northern Uganda.
4.Undertake Coordination and Monitoring of Government Programmes in Northern Uganda

Key Activities

Implementation of PRDP coordinated and monitored

1. 20 Inter-district and Intradistrict coordination meetings held at the National and Regional level

2. Northern Uganda Rehabilitation offices equipped and operationalized for PRDP coordination

3. Hon Minister for NUR facilitated to monitor Government programmes in Northern Uganda

4. Departmental annual and quarterly work plans and reports prepared

Key Achievements

Implementation of Post -War Recovery and Presidential Pledges

  1. Procured and delivered 15,000 cattle (Heifers and Bulls) to the four sub-regions of Northern Uganda.
  2. Procured five (5) tractors to support agricultural mechanization
  3. Completed Civil construction works for  the Buteleja Produce store
  4. Procured and distributed 600 bicycles and 200 bicycle repair Kits for selected Youth and religious leaders.
  5. Completed Solar installation works in 53 Acholi Chiefs houses.
  6. Procured and distributed 131 motorcycles to selected youth and religious groups.
  7. Procured and distributed 1250 ox-ploughs for youth and women groups to support commercial agriculture.

The Office of the Prime Minister during the FY 2017/2018 expects to achieve the follwing outputs through the Post-War Recovery and Presidential Pledges  under NUR

  1. Support to Livelihood enhancement
  2. Support to cultural institutions
  3. Northern Uganda Development Centre (NUYDC) support to target youth training focusing at Market opportunities for employment and income generation.
  4. 20 Inter district and Intra district coordination meetings to be held at National & Regional Level.
  5. 8 Sector meetings to be held to review Local Government PRDP Workplans.