Be responsible for monitoring and evaluation of the implementation of Government policies, programmes and projects across Ministries, Departments and other public institutions.


The primary function of the Department is to monitor & evaluate government policies and programs across Ministries, Departments and Agencies (MDAs) through;

i.Coordinating monitoring and evaluation of initiatives in public sector by providing mechanisms which align the existing Monitoring and Evaluation initiatives with Identified data and information;

ii. Ensuring that key stakeholders have a forum for articulating data and information needs;

iii. Ensuring the efficient and effective use of public resources in the implementation of strategic priorities; and iv.Ensuring that sound evidence based information (data) is available to inform decision-making.


  1. National Policy on Public Sector M&E implemented;
  2. National M&E Technical Working Group managed;
  3. Monitoring & Evaluation of Government programs and projects carried out.

Key Activities

Government policy implementation coordination

1. National Policy on Public Sector M&E implemented;

2. National M&E Technical Working Group managed;

3. Staff capacity in M&E improved through training.

4. Government Annual Performance Report (GAPR) for FY 2015/16 and Half Annual Performance Report (GHAPR) for FY 2016/17 produced, to provide Cabinet with strategic information for decision making;

5. Citizen’s demand for accountability Baraza rolled out in 32 districts.

6. On spot checks for Government policies, programmes and projects conducted

7. Prime Minister’s M&E Management Information System rolled out

8. Improved quality of indicators and target for MDAs and Local Governments

9. Evaluation of two key policies/programs undertaken

10. Uganda Community of Practice on managing for development results activities coordinated

Key Achievements

  1. Held 14 Departmental meetings Implemented the National Policy on Public Sector M&E
  2. Held two National M&E Technical Working Group and three Sub Committee on evaluations meetings
  3. Trained 3 Department Staff members in Evaluation
  4. Conducted a retreat of Cabinet, Ministers of State, Permanent secretaries and Local Government representatives to discuss GAPR for FY 2014/15
  5. Rolled out Barazas in 32 districts ie Bugiri, Bukomansimbi, Butaleja, Buvuma, Gulu, Kibuku, Kitgum, Lwengo, Manafa, Maracha, Namayingo, and Sembabule
  6. Conducted 4 on spot checks
  7. Finalized piloting the Prime Ministers M&E Management Information System in 3 Ministries. The system to be used for GHAPR 2015/16, for the three pilot ministries
  8. Conducted two Trainings Conducted Data scooping exercise to inform the design for the evaluation of CICS and embarked on procurement process for the evaluation of Competitiveness and Investment Climate Strategy (CICS) and Youth Livelihood Programme Evaluations
  9. Held two coordination meetings on UCoP activities Conducted a workshop to review the implementation progress of the UCoP activities
  10. Produced Qtr1 and Qtr2 Reports of the Government Evaluation Facility (GEF) project
  11. Needs assessment report for the war ravaged areas of Kabale, Kisoro and Ntungamo