1. To redress the adverse socio economic effects of the NRM liberation war (1981-86) and ADF insurgency (1996-2003) that disrupted the development of 39 districts in the two sub-regions of Luwero and Rwenzori and also reduce the number of people living below the poverty line by 5% by 2015
  2. To coordinate the payment of war debts and pay one off gratuity to civilian veterans in Luwero Triangle Region


The programme seeks to enable communities in the 39 districts to enhance their household incomes by promoting/supporting activities that increase agriculture production & productivity; value addition, processing and marketing; and small and medium scale enterprises as well as providing support to districts to improve critical district infrastructure in the health, roads, education, energy, water & environment sectors.

    1. Civilian veterans paid a one-off gratuity;
    2. Iron sheets will be procured and distributed to the most vulnerable
    3. Civilian veterans to rebuild their destroyed homes.

Other activities include,

i)process payments for civilian veterans,
ii) file returns and accountabilities,
iii) mobilize civilian veterans,
iv) prepare training materials, training, and corresponding reports
v) procure and distribute iron sheets and cement,
vi) hold verification/selection meetings and prepare corresponding minutes, and
vii) undertake verification exercises and produce a report


Key Activities for FY 2017/2018

  1. 12,100 Civilian Veterans to be paid a one-off Akasiimo gratuity.
  2. Support to Livelihood enhancement through;
  • 5,000 Spray Pumps
  • 20,000 Hand hoes
  • 50 Micro projects
  • Parish Cooperative Associations (PCA) Model project piloted/established in 30 parishes.
  • 10,000 iron Sheets
  • Twenty coordination and monitoring meetings to hold.

Key Achievements

  1. Paid 15,869 Civilian Veterans a one-off gratuity ” Akasiimo”.
  2. Supported 63 Micro projects to enhance households incomes for youth, women & Farmer groups and PWDs
  3. Disbursed Ugx 0.051 bn to  Office of the President for the renovation of monuments within Luwero Triangle.
  4. Conducted three LRDP coordination and Monitoring Meetings.
  5. Supported 8 crop nurseries in Kayunga, Buhweju, Kasese, Kyenjojo, Kyegegwa, Mubende and Mityana District LGs
  6. Supported the establishment of two Hydraform yards in Luwero and Kabarole Districts.