Special Programs, also refereed to as Pacification and Development has the following core functions.

(i) Promoting peace dialogue aimed at resolving armed conflict in Northern Uganda;

(ii) Effective Coordination of implementation of Government funded projects and activities in the regions of Luwero-Rwenzori, Karamoja, Teso , Bunyoro and Northern Uganda;

(iii) Ensuring fulfilment of Presidential pledges to war victims and general rehabilitation of the war affected regions;

(iv) Coordinating jointly with other key actors for all the special development recovery programs

(v) Undertake monitoring/supervision of Government programs and activities of special development recovery programs

Below is the Political and Technical Administration of the Department


Hon. John Byabagambi

Minister for Karamoja Affairs.


Hon. Grace Kwiyucwiny

Minister of State for Northern Uganda.


Hon. Moses Kizige

Minister of State for Karamoja Affairs.


Hon. Dennis Galabuzi Ssozi

Minister of State for Luweero Triangle.


Hon. Agnes Akiror Egunyu

Minister of State for Teso Affairs.


Hon. Hon Kiiza Ernest

Minister of State for Bunyoro Affairs.


Christine Guwatudde Kintu

Permanent Secretary.


Ketty Lamaro

Under Secretary for Pacification & Development.


Northern Uganda Rehabilitation

Luwero-Rwenzori Triangle

Karamoja HQs

Teso Affairs

Bunyoro Affairs


Support to LRDP

Post-war Recovery, and Presidential Pledges

Karamoja Intergrated Development Programme(KIDP)

Support to Teso Development

Support to Bunyoro Development

Drylands Intergrated Development Project

Northern Uganda Social Action Fund (NUSAF) 3 Director NUSAF3