The Presidential Investors Round Table (PIRT)is a high level forum hosted by His Excellency the President that brings together a select group of both foreign and local investors to advise Government on how to improve the investment climate in the country.

The PIRT is in conformity with the aspirations of Uganda’s Vision 2040 macro strategy to improve Uganda’s competitiveness. The Thematic areas for the fifth phase of PIRT are part of the core priorities for investment in the second National Development Plan (NDP II) whose objective is to propel Uganda towards middle income status by 2020.

The PIRT process and engagement has continued to grow and develop since its launch in 2004.  Five phases have so far been organized and managed focusing on selected strategic thematic areas.

The fifth phase of PIRT which was launched in August 2015 by H. E the President focused on the thematic areas of; Competitiveness and Ease of Doing Business; Tourism; Energy, Oil and Gas and Minerals Value Addition.

  1. E. the President chaired the last review meeting and closure of the fifth phase of PIRT at State House Entebbe on 6-7th December 2017. A sizeable number of the recommendations proposed by the private sector have been implemented by the relevant government MDAs while implementation of others is still on going. Below are agreed actions from the review meeting for each thematic area;

The Office of the Prime Minister and Uganda Investment Authority will continue facilitating the engagement with private sector to resolve the outstanding issues as part of the next PIRT phase (in all thematic areas)


The meeting agreed as follows:

  1. MoFPED, MoTWA and the private sector to meet and make concrete proposals to government on how to promote the country as a tourist destination and how to make the tax regime more enabling.
  2. To promote tourism all officials traveling abroad will be availed with tourism promotional materials.
  3. Video promotion to be used at all international events hosted by Uganda.
  4. Uganda to explore the opportunity of the available fund on anti-poaching by the British government.
  5. Review and strengthen the legal regime to promote wild life conservation.
  6. Firmly deal with evasive plants and people who graze in protected areas and all the issues that threaten conservation.
  7. Fast track the development of the Uganda Hotel and Tourism Training Institute.
  8. Increase direct budget to tourism sector in the following FY.
  9. Harmonise the tax regime for filming subsector with that of other countries in the region.
  10. MoFPED, MoTWA and the private sector should meet and propose to government measures to develop the film industry.

Minerals value addition

The meeting agreed as follows:

  1. MoFPED, MEMD and private sector to propose to government priority areas for investment in the subsector on an annual basis.
  2. Government to provide 1million USD to facilitate feasibility study on development and investment in the salt value chain.
  3. Government to build capacity in mineral exploration, partner with private sector to conduct an Aero Magnetic Survey in Karamoja.
  4. Fast track the setting up of a modern certified mineral laboratory and the amendment of the mining Act to provide for improved access surface rights to investors.
  5. Private sector should specify the require skills and competences to guide training and certification in the minerals sub sector.
  6. Integrate the infrastructure for importation of gas as a reducing agent from Tanzania as part of the crude oil export pipeline.
  7. To explore the application of the PSA model in the mining sector as it is applied in petroleum subsector in order to optimise benefits from the minerals subsector.
  8. Mining and value addition of copper at Kilembe to start off by April 2018.
  9. To stop exportation of Lithium and encourage its local utilization in the manufacture of batteries for development of electric vehicles.
  10. Reduce royalty fees on the minerals for production of clinker as a way of boosting its production.
  11. A committee to be appointed to come up with definite proposals to revamp kilembe.

  Energy, Oil and Gas

The meeting agreed as follows:

  1. For pipeline development government will fast track the conclusion of negotiations and signing of Host Government Agreements.
  2. UNRA and the JVPs (Joint Venture Partners) will meet and reschedule the construction of priority roads and the mitigating measures, focusing on bridges, escarpments and swamps along existing roads, to align timelines with the first oil timeline.
  3. Regarding land acquisition, the chief government valuer to standardize the land and property valuations for projects.
  4. Fast track acquisition of a no objection from member states in the Nile Basin as modality for acquiring user rights for water from Lake Albert
  5. Government to establish and build capacity of District Land Boards to expedite land acquisition and resettlement processes and as well ensure prior and planned acquisition of corridors for integrated infrastructure development.
  6. MoLHUD to carry out sensitization of PAPs on valuation procedures and determination of values.
  7. MoES to Fast track the international accreditation of Kigumba to enable certification of trainees and acquire a simulator and other training aids to facilitate training for the oil and gas sector by June 2018.
  8. MoEMD to expedite the amendment of the PERD Statute to enable the return of energy companies to the mother ministry.
  9. MoEMD to fast track the amendment of the Electricity Act to provide for; stringent measures against power theft and vandalism, putting in place an explicit framework to promote access to renewable energy and solar energy in particular and incentives to invest in rural grids

Competitiveness and Ease of Doing Business

The meeting agreed as follows:

  1. To move MoLHUD, UMEME, UMA, DTB to the One Stop Business Centre as soon as possible.
  2. Mortgaging of land allocated to private investors is not tenable because land is allocated on the understanding that the investor has capital.
  3. Government will limit its borrowing internally to only financing strategic priorities.
  4. Investors should take advantage of the recapitalised UDB (Uganda Development Bank).
  5. Equip missions abroad with information on policy developments and investment promotion.
  6. Fast track the negotiation of the proposed PPP on recycling of Waste.
  7. Fast track the review of thresholds for participation of local firms.
  8. To redefine “a local company” to include any company incorporated in EAC in the local content Act.
  9. Government to prioritize procurement of land to establish Industrial parks in Mukono and Tororo to benefit from the SGR project and to make administrative reforms to reduce the many procedures in transferring property.
  10. Government to consider the rehabilitation of the old railway line as we await the construction of the SGR.

The sixth phase of the Presidential Investors Round Table (PIRT VI) will be launched by H.E the President early next year.