The Prime Minister Dr Ruhakana Rugunda has called upon Ministers to be effective transformational leaders in the sectors they lead in order to spur and drive the country into reaching its middle income status target by 2020.

The Prime Minister made the remarks at the Ministerial briefing themed on “Organising for Delivery in Government: Getting Results through Transformational Leadership” at Kampala Serena hotel on Thursday.

“As Ministers, we have a big leadership role to play in the implementation of strategic priorities in infrastructure, energy, minerals, wealth creation, education, health and public sector management aimed at enabling the country to achieve a middle income status by 2020,” Dr Rugunda said.

The Premier said the strategic priorities are based on the 23 Strategic Guidelines and Directives given by His Excellency President Museveni to the new Cabinet, adding that this task has to be accomplished within the five years if the country is to achieve its middle income status target by 2020.

He therefore challenged the new Ministers to gain a deep insight into how the ministries they head work by endeavouring to work with Permanent Secretaries in order to build strong working relationships and create teams with which to accomplish their duties and mandates within the required time frame.

Dr Rugunda also noted that the major challenge for government today is the pressing need to accelerate implementation of government programmes, speeding up decision making to facilitate investment and businesses, improving service delivery to the people and stopping corruption and waste in the public sector.


“The Government is experiencing unacceptably slow progress in the implementation of priorities. These implementation failures are undermining the credibility of government”, said the Premier.

Rugunda applauded Idris Jala, the Minister for Transformation in Malaysia and the CEO of the Performance Management and Delivery Unit (PEMANDU), Sir Michael Barber, Former head of the Prime Minister’s Delivery Unit in the United Kingdom and now a lead partner with Delivery Associates as well as Prof. Michael Sinclair, the Director of Global Programs and Executive Director of the Ministerial Leadership in Health Program at Harvard University for accepting to come and share their vast experience with Uganda’s leadership.

Idris Jala engaged the Ministers on the conditions for success and effective delivery where he urged the government to attract more investors into the country.

He also called upon the government to change its approach of work from doing business as usual to getting down to work and walk the talk if the country is to achieve its middle income status target by 2020.

“We need to stop talking and get going!” Mr Jala echoed.

Prof Sinclair and Michael Barber, respectively told the Ministers that there was need to prioritise, define success and also set strategies and policies that will deliver services effectively to the people.

The head of the Prime Minister’s Delivery Unit, Prof Ezra Suruma called upon Ministers to ensure that their sectors prioritize the implementation of the 23 directives given by President Museveni.

The Prime Minister’s Delivery Unit was introduced as part of the major Institutional Reforms in the Second National Development Plan to solve a specific problem of slow implementation of major government priority programs and projects.

It is aimed at facilitating faster implementation of selected national priorities and enabling delivery of big and fast results through a methodical approach to planning for implementation and execution.

Friday, 23 September, 2016

By Nasasira Doreen