The Prime Minister, Dr. Ruhakana Rugunda has commended civil servants for their tremendous role of serving the country and helping government make important decision for the country.

He said the Civil Service is the backbone of running government since it sustains and enables those in political positions to take action.

Premier Rugunda poses for photo with admnistrative officers at civil service college,Jinja ( Photo by PMPU)

The Premier made the remarks while officiating at the opening of the Administrative Officers’ Forum organized by the Office of the President at Civil Service College, Uganda in Jinja on Wednesday.

The 4- days workshop brings together Administrative officers in all Ministries to discuss and engage on their role, service and concerns in the civil service sector.

The Premier called upon the Administrative Officers to engage in innovative ways that will benefit the society such as sharing knowledge about the civil service.

He urged them to embrace open and transparent relationships with the Political leaders to enhance communication and rational decision making.

PM Rugunda addressing Administrative officers at civil servic college in Jinja (Photo by PMPU)

“Political leadership is open to getting candid advice from the technical people because the two work closely to deliver services to the country. The civil servants need to interact with the political leaders and also ensure that their work is in line with government plans and priorities,” Rugunda said.

The Premier said Government is working on enhancing salaries for the civil servants and closing the salary gaps in the sector.

“The President is aware of the salary disparities and the need to address them through the Salary Review Commission. The salary increment and enhancement will be done in phases so that everyone can benefit,” the Premier said.

The Secretary, Office of the President, Deborah Katuramu said the forum is aimed at equipping the officers with knowledge to enable them adapt to changes in civil service.

“Due to the rapid changes in public service, there was need to have a forum to address and communicate these changes and also reflect on the officers’ role in the transformation of public service,” Katuramu said.

The Administrative Officers were also advised to work towards redeeming the image of public service and adhering to the professional ethics.


Friday, May 18, 2018