The Prime Minister Dr. Ruhakana Rugunda has commended the church for its active role of enhancing development in the country.

He said the church has been crucial in establishing social facilities such as schools and hospitals that have enhanced development in the country.

The Premier made the remarks while launching a book titled “Uganda God’s Generals” at Mackinnon Suites in Kampala on Saturday.

PM Rugunda in a group photo with some of the religious leaders who attended the book launch at Mackinnon Suites on Saturday. On PM’s L is Bishop Peter Oyet, the Leader of Life Line Ministries( Photo by PMPU)

The Prime Minister saluted Eddie Sempala, the author of the book for documenting an inspiring book which is now a source of knowledge to Ugandans and the International community about the history of Revival.

“The book will inspire Ugandans since it shows the work and struggle of the current Generals and the departed generals of the gospel,” the Premier said.

Rugunda highlighted that the revival movement was crucial for laying a foundation and establishing regional cooperation. He said the Revival Movement leaders interacted beyond boundaries to preach the word of God.

“The Revival leaders broke the barriers of ethnicity and tribal boundaries to preach the gospel. They crossed boarders and worked together which strengthened regional cooperation,” Rugunda said.

Dr. Rugunda also commended the church for is role in enhancing social infrastructure development in the Country.

“I salute the church for the amazing work it has done for the past years. The Church has promoted education and health development in the country. These are great contributions that the government appreciates,” Rugunda said.

PM Rugunda launches the book titled ‘Uganda God’s Generals’ as Eddie Sempala, the author of the book looks on during the function at Mackinonn Suites on Saturday(Photo by PMPU)

He urged the Church to promote self-reliance among its leaders and also called upon the citizens to emulate the Revival Movement leaders who worked to make the country and the continent at large, a better place.

The Leader of Life Line Ministries, Bishop Julius Peter Oyet called upon Christians to exercise boldness in preaching the gospel.

Bishop Oyet said the Life Line Ministries through the Kingdom International Group of Companies, which is an association of individuals undertaking development work in society, is working on establishing the Kingdom City.

The Kingdom City will be made up of Education and health facilities among others, and will support the youth and the under privileged in society to acquire skills.

Uganda God’s Generals is book is about the state of the church before and after the East African Revival.


Tuesday, April 24, 2018