Joel Wanjala

Under Secretary / Finance and Administration

Principal Information Scientist


Ensure efficient and effective utilisation of financial and non-financial resources and to appraise the soundness and application of accounting, financial and operational controls and Risk Management in the Office of the Prime Minister..


  1. Prepare Quaterly Internal Audit reports that:- reflect utilisation of funds and controls put in place to safe guard assets
  2. Verify & Audit the Pay rolls and Assure management on the effectiveness of Risk Management Processes

Key Activities

Government policy implementation coordination

1. Internal Audit report on Human Resource Management .

2. Two (6 and 9 months accounts) internal Audit reports on financial statements.

3. Internal Audit reports on general administrative services (e.g fleet management, physical security etc.)

4. Internal Audit report on Policy and Planning Activities

5. Internal Audit reports on PDU.

6. Internal Audit reports on IEC (ICT, RIM, registry/library etc.).OFF BUDGET OUTPUTS (to be facilitated by the respective Departments)

7. Internal Audit reports on Monitoring and Evaluation (MDAs, LGs, NGOs and other Public Institutions)

8. Internal Audit reports on cost and control performance (MDAs and LGs)

9. Internal Audit reports on Information and National Guidance

10. Internal Audit reports on Disaster Preparedness and Management.

11. Internal Audit reports on Refugee Management (Humanitarian assistance and support to Refugee settlements)

12. Internal Audit reports on PRDP (Presidential Pledges, M&E of PRDP, NUSAF3 (4), KALIP/ALREP (2), DIDP (2), KIDP (2), Teso Affairs (2) and Bunyoro Affairs (2))

Key Achievements

  1. Monitored and inspected all funded field activities.
  2. Produced a report on Review of Final Accounts
  3. Produced one quarterly internal Audit report
  4. Produced a report on review of payables for good and services and rent
  5. Produced a report on Evaluation of internal controls, stores management, cash management &advances/accountability, fleet management.
  6. Produced a report on evaluation of internal controls in NUYDC
  7. Produced a report on the audit of stationary management
  8. Held all meetings for Audit Committee and discussed our reports.
  9. Provided 100% assurance on all submitted payments and contracts.