Saturday, 08 October 2016

Prime Minister Rugunda on Thursday launched the inaugural meeting of the Presidential Advisory Committee on Budget (PACOB) for FY 2017/18 at the Conference Hall of the Office of the President in Kampala.

Speaking at the meeting, the Prime Minister said that the NRM Government was committed to deliver vision 2040, and in the medium term, the second National Development plan through the works of PACOB which all aim at transforming Uganda into a middle income country by 2020.

PM Rugunda chairs the inaugural PACOB meeting at the office of the President Conference Hall on Thursday. seated next to PM is Govt Chief Whip, Ruth Nankabirwa and OPM PS Christine Guwatudde (Photo by PMPU)

The Premier also said that the NRM government under the leadership of his Excellency the President, is now placing more emphasis on prioritisation, elaborate implementation planning, and a business oriented approach to implementation across government agencies to improve service delivery.

He called upon the members of PACOB to work towards contributing to the strategic challenge of taking Uganda to a middle income status in the next 4-5years as outlined by the PACOB strategy.

“This ambition requires meticulous strategies, detailed implementation planning, full alignment of sectoral budgets to priorities, and well-organised and accountable implementation,” Dr Rugunda said.

Rugunda also emphasized to the members of PACOB to work within the critical priorities for Uganda’s transformation agenda as outlined by the President in the 23 strategic guidelines and directives anchored on investment, industrialisation, wealth creation and service delivery.

The Premier however noted that a number of challenges still hinder national development and the transformation process of Uganda including slow implementation of programs and projects as well as poor budget formulation which limit the capacity necessary to generate resources for implementation.

Dr Rugunda called for strengthening of the alignment of the budget to top priorities as such improving the quality of primary education and the quality of health services among others. He also called for promotion of production, productivity, investment and export in order to overcome the challenges that hinder progress and national development of the country.

The Government Chief whip, Ruth Nankabirwa, advised the PACOB committee to ensure that all their activities aim at supporting the sectors in the priority budget, identifying other sources of revenue to enhance budget allocation and advising government on how to improve service delivery among others.

Christine Guwatudde, the Permanent Secretary of the Office of the Prime Minister urged members to support PACOB activities by working within the allocated time limit if they are to enhance the quality of service delivery which will usher Uganda into a middle income status by 2020.

The Presidential Advisory Committee on Budget is made up of 35 members including H.E the President, Vice President, Prime Minister, Ministers, Members of Parliament and Former Members of Parliament.

It has 5 sub-committees which include Social services, physical infrastructure, governance, and agriculture, trade, industry and tourism.

By Doreen Nasasira