Prime Minister Dr Ruhakana Rugunda while launching Monsignor Narcisio Bagumisiriza’s book entitled the Kanungu Tragedy on Friday at Christ the king called upon Ugandans to be alert and watchdogs for one another so that the events of the kanungu tragedy do not surface again.

The book revolves around the events of the Kanungu massacre that saw over 1000 people burnt to death by their leader Joseph Kibwetere, under the religious cult called the Movement for the restoration of the Ten Commandments of God on 17th March 2000.


Prime Minister Rugunda commended Fr Bagumisiriza for investing his time and efforts in doing research and providing information and guidance in a scholarly manner backed by facts about the kanungu massacre.

He said the knowledge provided by Fr Bagumisiriza will be shared worldwide because it will provide authentic information to the world about the tragedy.

“Since this misery took place, we have been looking for explanations up to date. This scenario also made government to develop interest in Kanungu to find out facts that could have led to the tragedy,” Dr Rugunda said.


Dr Rugunda added that the incident also saw Government amend the non-governmental organisations bills that made many loopholes including allowing anyone to establish and construct a church without any prior government inspections unlike how it is now.

The Premier noted that the issues raised in the book help government, Religious institutions and citizens to be provoked to be more alert, inquisitive and not to take things for granted.

The Prime Minister however urged religious leaders to continue uniting people through religion towards a common goal of believing in God.

The author Fr Monsignor Narcisio Bagumisiriza said that the desire to know facts and share them with the rest of the world inspired his kanungu tragedy research.

He noted that there were so many lies and distorted facts surrounding the massacre which were very misleading and misguiding.

The Kanungu tragedy book offers important information such as questions of status quo, what government did, interviews of people regarding what would have happened and a critique for the book.

The book also gives reasonable and convincing facts of what led to the incident including Joseph Kibwetere’s solution to massacre his followers as a way verifying his visions of the world’s coming to an end.


By Doreen Nasasira