By:  Ismael Kasooha


The Prime Minister of Uganda, Rt. Hon. Robinah Nabbanja has today met the United Arab Emirates (UAE) ambassador to Uganda H.E Abdulla Alshamsi at the Office of the Prime Minister in Kampala.

Nabbanja told the envoy that Uganda has an enabling environment for investment in tourism, education, health sector among others because of the prevailing peace and infrastructure in the country.

“Uganda has an enabling environment for investors and as a government we offer subsidies to investors so that they can set up industries or factories to create jobs for our people,” said Nabbanja.

She said that President Yoweri Museveni has directed that power cost be reduced to five USD cents per unit cost of electricity for industries so that the country can have more investors setting up industries here.

Nabbanja thanked the government of UAE for partnering with Uganda Airlines and now there are direct flights from Uganda to Dubai which has strengthened the bilateral relations between the two countries.

The premier expressed concern that some Ugandans are being mistreated in Arab countries with some losing their body organs under unclear circumstances.

“It is painful for a person to go for work but only to lose his/her organ of the body and as a government we appeal to Arab states to ensure the safety of our people,” said Nabbanja.

On his part, Alshamsi said that UAE is ready to invest in Uganda and a team of experts will be coming to Uganda next week to lay grounds to start investing in the health sector.

“We want to establish a pharmaceutical industry in Uganda and support the health sector so that our brothers and sisters here can have better services,” said Alshamsi.

Alshamsi said that it is regrettable for Ugandans working in Arab countries who are mistreated but said that UAE is very hospitable and cannot entertain such inhuman acts.

The Prime Minister and the UAE ambassador exchanged gifts to symbolize the good working relationship between the two countries. End