The Prime Minister Dr Ruhakana Rugunda has commended the good relationship existing between Uganda and United States. He said the relationship should be further enhanced to facilitate development in Uganda and the African region as a whole.


PM Rugunda (C) in a group photo with some members of the US Congress, US Ambassador to Uganda Deborah Malac(R) and Government officials who attended the meeting at the Office of the Prime Minister (Photo by PMPU)

The Prime Minister made the remarks while meeting with a delegation from the US Congress in his office in Kampala. The visiting delegation was accompanied by the US Ambassador to Uganda, Her Excellency Deborah Malac. “We need to ensure that we build on the foundations that our predecessors have built between Africa and US,” the Premier said.

The Premier commended the US Ambassador Deborah Malac for maintaining the good relations between Uganda and US. He noted that Uganda has had a peaceful and stable relationship with her neighbors, a reason that has enabled it to progress. “Uganda has been stable for the past twenty years, and is now embarking on infrastructure development especially in the Railway and oil sector,” Dr Rugunda said.

Uganda has been playing a crucial role in support of her neighbors. ‘We are dealing with AMISOM to build human capacity to enable the people of Somalia take charge of their national affairs,” Rugunda said. In addition to supporting neighbors, the Premier reaffirmed that Uganda will maintain the open door policy for refugees. ‘Uganda will ensure that refugees are skilled to enable them be productive when they return to their home countries.’

While acknowledging that it was a global responsibility to solve the problem of refugees, the Premier called upon the US and other partners to continue with the support for refugees.

The leader of the delegation, Bob Goodlatte commended Uganda for its generous policy towards refugees which has made it to be one of the biggest hosting country of refuges in the world. He however pointed out that there was urgent need to solve the causes of refugees in the region. “We should endeavor to find ways of bringing back stability in South Sudan to enable the people go back home,” Goodlatte said.

He called upon Uganda to attract more investments in the country by promoting a conducive investment climate.