The Prime Minister, Dr. Ruhakana Rugunda has applauded the Prime Minister’s Delivery Unit for the role it is playing in enabling the NRM Government achieve its manifesto targets for the Education and Health sectors.

PM Rugunda (yellow tie) flanked by Prof.Suruma & PS OPM on his left & right pose for photo with participants at PMDU stock take in Jinja (Photo by PMDU)

He said the Prime Minister’s Delivery Unit has facilitated the implementation process of the NRM manifesto through focusing on monitoring and accountability in key priority sectors to improve service delivery.

The Prime Minister made the remarks at the closing ceremony of a workshop organized by the Prime Minister’s Delivery Unit at Civil Service College in Jinja on Wednesday.

The workshop focused on decisive action to drive service delivery in Teacher and Health worker attendance to duty, and was organized under the theme “Say No to Absenteeism”.

Rugunda said PMDU is not competing with sectors but playing a catalytic role to achieve success in service delivery.

“The Prime Minister’s Delivery Unit is playing a catalytic role in gluing us all together in our respective sectors to deliver our mandates,” Rugunda said.

Rugunda also hailed the 20 PMDU focus districts for striving to improve attendance to duty, adding that he was optimistic that if the mechanisms put in place to curb absenteeism are ably sustained by the locals, they will propel the country forward.

He applauded the Local government leaders for working together with the Prime Minister’s delivery Unit to curb absenteeism in health and education sectors.

“District leaders link the government and the people. Thank you for working towards improving service delivery,” Rugunda said.

Rugunda also thanked development partners for their commitment to supporting the Prime Minister’s Delivery Unit.

The Minister of State for Local Government, Jennifer Namuyangu thanked the Prime Minister for supporting local governments through the Prime Minister’s Delivery Unit to achieve and deliver on their mandates.

She said mindset change is still key in fundamentally identifying and solving problems faced in the health and education sectors.

The Minister urged districts to undertake benchmarking within the local governments to identify the best practices.

PM Rugunda hands over certificate of recognition to Pallisa district leaders for ensuring 100% attendence to duty of UPE teachers

The Head of the Prime Minister’s Delivery Unit, Prof. Ezra Suruma said there has been a reduction in absenteeism among the UPE teachers in the focus districts. He said teacher presence is key in improving numeracy and literacy levels in schools.

Suruma also noted that there has been significant improvement in health worker’s attendance to duty.

He urged all Ministries, Departments, Agencies and Local governments to work as a team to solve the problems faced in these sectors.

Prof Suruma also identified four districts out of the 20 focus districts that have excelled in staff attendance and reporting. The districts include: Kaliro, Tororo, Serere and Pallisa, whose leaders also shared their experience with the participants.

Some of the mechanisms used to curb absenteeism by the leaders were; administering of deterrent measures such as removing absconding officers from the pay rolls, peer to peer supervision and motivation through public recognition and rewards among others.

The Permanent Secretary of Office of the Prime Minister, Christine Guwatudde Kintu, thanked the Prime Minister for his leadership that has enabled the office of the Prime Minister to undertake these performance assessments.

She urged District leaders to keep the momentum of working towards improved service delivery.

Adrian Green, a Development Partner of Prime Minister’s Delivery Unit from DFID, commended the Prime Minister’s Delivery Unit and pledged continuous commitment and support to the development of Uganda through improving service delivery.


Thursday, May 17, 2018