Wednesday, July 19, 2017

The Prime Minister Dr Ruhakana Rugunda has called for more mutually beneficial relationships such as the twinning relationship between Gulu Municipality and Izumisano city of Japan.

The Premier made the remarks while representing His Excellency, President Yoweri Museveni on the occasion of signing a memorandum of understanding between Izumisano city and Gulu Municipal Council in Gulu.

PM Rugunda in a group photo with some of the dignitaries that attended the signing ceremony of M.O.U bewteen Gulu and Izumisano city in Japan at Gulu Municpal Council offices (Photo by PMPU)

The Memorandum of understanding is aimed at boosting cooperation between the two cities based on the principal of reciprocity in key areas of administration, education, culture and sports.

It also emphasizes mutual friendship and prosperity, deepening understanding as friendly cities, as well as keeping ties and exchange visits for mutual cooperation.

The Prime Minister Dr Rugunda commended the Japanese Government for taking keen interest in the development of Gulu, and the country at large especially in the area of infrastructure development.

“Gulu is a transformed place that has moved away from its past. Today I see happiness and development everywhere, and that’s what we all want to see,” the Premier said.

He asked that the partnership between Gulu and Izumisano city be further enhanced through investments in the country such as textile industries.

Gulu Mayor, Labeja(L) and Isumizano city Deputy Mayor, Matsushita(R) display the M.O.U copies after signing them during the twinning ceremony of Gulu Muncipal council and Izumisano city(Photo by PMPU)

“I am hopeful that this cooperation will be more fruitful leading to the development of the two countries. It is such people based relationships that build a foundation for long-lasting meaningful relationships in the world,” Dr Rugunda said.

The Premier thanked all those who have been instrumental in the development of this partnership and pledged government support to this cause by fast-tracking the elevation of Gulu Municipal council to a City status.

His Worship, the Mayor of Izumisano City, Hiroyasu Chiyomatsu, in his speech delivered by his Deputy, Yoshihiko Matsushita, expressed optimism about the memorandum of understanding between the two cities.

The Mayor of Gulu Municipal Council, George Labeja, asked government to consider granting Gulu Municipal council a City status.

He thanked Japan for constantly supporting the country through JICA by provision of funds for constructing roads.

Labeja urged the citizens of Gulu to work towards enhancing this cooperation for development.

Gulu Town Clerk, Francis Barabanawe, expressed gratitude towards President Museveni and the NRM government for ushering in peace in the country which has enhanced the collaboration between Gulu Municipal council and Izumisano city of Japan.

He noted that Gulu was privileged because the twinning arrangement was taking place at a time when the government of Japan is undertaking huge investments in the country.

“We are twinning at a time when Japan is undertaking big investments in the country like construction of the 2nd Nile bridge in Jinja, the power sub-station at Clock Tower and the Flyover as well traffic management and road safety in Kampala Capital city,” Barabanawe said.

PM Rugunda is joined by other dignitaries to cut cake in celebration of the twinning ceremony between Gulu Municipal Council and Izumisano City at Gulu Municipal Offices (Photo by PMPU)

He pledged full commitment to the cooperation between the two cities on behalf of the people of Gulu.

The relationship between Izumisano City and Gulu started way back in 2010 when Oku, an Izumisano city Citizen visited Eastern Gulu to buy cotton for his industry back in Japan.

This later led to exchange of official visits by the two city delegations, creating a basis for the formalization of the relationship.

The Function was attended by the Minister of State for Local Government, Jennifer Namuyangu, Japanese Ambassador to Uganda, Kazuaki Kameda, Uganda’s Ambassador to Japan, Betty Aketch , Area Members of Parliament and Gulu District leaders among others.