The Prime Minister Dr Ruhakana Rugunda has expressed Government commitment to deliver vision 2040 and the NDP II goal of transforming Uganda into a middle income country by 2020, adding that this can be greatly achieved through cooperation with the Development Partners.

The Premier made the remarks at the third National Partnership Forum organised under the theme “Organising for Delivery in Government: Getting Results through Transformational Leadership” at Kampala Serene Hotel on Thursday.



The National Partnership Forum is the apex body in the National Partnership Dialogue Framework that defines the development, engagement and management of partnership between the Government of Uganda and its Development Partners in joint effort to develop and transform Uganda.

Dr Rugunda said government was determined to lower costs of doing business for improved service delivery by lowering the cost of electricity, fast- tracking the standard gauge railway to reduce the cost of transport, business licencing reforms to eliminate delays in business licencing, establishing industrial parks, improving service delivery in health, education and rural feeder roads as well as addressing corruption.

The Prime Minister thanked the Development Partners for their tremendous efforts in supporting the government of Uganda and thus urged them to align their programs to those of the national transformation agenda aimed at improving service delivery and achieving value for money.

PS  OPM  Christine Guwatudde during the third National Partnership Forum at Kamapala Serena Hotel on Thursday (Photo by PMPU)

“I would like to take this opportunity to invite you to support Government’s efforts of improving service delivery and achieving value for money. I call upon our Development Partners to support the process of unlocking the binding constraint of a weak public sector management through technical assistance and target financial support for the Delivery Unit, strategic coordination, evaluation, supervision, audit and other strategic accountability roles at the national and community level.” Dr Rugunda said.

The Premier also appealed to the World Bank to reconsider the suspension of loans to a number of Uganda’s externally funded projects as a result of slow implementation and absorption, reassuring the World Bank and other Development Partners of the government’s tireless efforts in rectifying and handling the problem.

Hon Rugunda however noted that there are still major weaknesses that the government is facing in enhancing service delivery, some of which include improving the quality of primary education and health services and raising the attendance of public servants to duty among others.

He said the Prime Minister’s Delivery Unit (PMDU) was established with a strategic aim to address sluggish implementation of government priority programs and projects.

Speaking on behalf of the Local Development Partners’ Group, the Head of DFID Uganda, Ms. Jennie Barugh, pledged the Development Partner’s continuous support to the government of Uganda, emphasizing that that partnership is aimed at promoting harmonised and effective cooperation in Uganda which will enhance development of the country and its citizens.

“Our partnership with the government is all about bringing tangible and transformative results to Ugandans, especially the most vulnerable groups. We want to see more children getting a good education. We want better health care services and improved employment and productivity, especially in the agriculture sector,” Barugh said.

She said there was need to accelerate the shift from high to lower levels of mortality and fertility adding that this will require stronger emphasis on the nuts and bolts of public sector management, including greater transparency and accountability towards Ugandan citizens in the use of public resources and provision of development cooperation.









Head of DFID Uganda,Ms Jennie Barugh (L) speaks at the third national partnership forum at Kampala Serena hotel on Thursday (Photo by PMPU)

The Permanent Secretary in the Office of the Prime Minister, Christine Guwatudde Kintu, gave a summary of the main conclusions from the Government Annual Performance Review held early this month where she noted that there was slight improvement and good progress among some sectors.

She however observed that there was still low absorption of funds in the area of external funding which affects service delivery.

The National Partnership Forum was graced by Cabinet Ministers and Ministers of State as well as Ambassadors and Heads of Mission representing bilateral and multilateral Development Partners.

Friday, 23 September, 2016

By Nasasira Doreen