Hon. Kiiza Ernest

Minister of State for Bunyoro Affairs

Ketty Lamaro

Under Secretary for Pacification & Development

Kasirabo Norbert

Assistant Commissioner, Luwero Triangle


  1. To initiate, design and coordinate special programmes and projects for the Development of Bunyoro region


  1. Coordinate development efforts in Bunyoro.
  2. Promote peace dialogue aimed at resolving conflict in Bunyoro Region.
  3. Ensure the implementation of the Presidential pledges to Bunyoro Region are coordinated and the general rehabilitation of the of the area.
  4. Undertake monitoring and supervision of Government programmes and activities implemented.
  5. Support the agricultural production activities.

Key Activities

Pacification and development

i) Government development programs and projects in the region monitored.
ii) Headquarter and Regional offices operational.
iii) Utilities( water,electricity and telecommunications) and rent paid.
iv) Welfare and staff development expenses for staff met.
v) Staff salaries paid.
vi) Unit vehicles operational and maintained.

Key Achievements

Implementation of PRDP coordinated and monitored

  1. Monitored Government development programs and projects in the region.
  2. Paid Utilities (water, electricity and telecommunications) and rent.
  3. Facilitated Welfare and staff development
  4. Staff salaries paid.
  5. Maintained Unit vehicles