Reference is made to the News article which appeared in Daily Monitor of Tuesday, June 27, 2017 authored by your Reporter, Fred Wambede, under the headline: District leaders accuse OPM Officials of forgery.

The News article quoted the Resident District Commissioner of Kween District, Mr. Kennedy Otiti Adhola saying that the staff of the Prime Minister’s Delivery Unit (PMDU) had not visited his district and yet they claimed to have accurate data about the district’s schools and health centers.


We wish to clarify as follows: 

The allegations made by the RDC Mr. Kennedy Otiti Adhola are false and baseless. The RDC is on record for attending a meeting with the Delivery Unit health team, at Kween District headquarters on 3/4/2017, together with the CAO Mr. Wanje Michael and other District technical staff.

Furthermore, when the Education team comprised of Ernest Baraibusya and Gelvis Turyagyenda of PMDU visited the district, on 8th December 2016 and the RDC was represented by the DISO, Mr. Onekalit Richard in a meeting. The meeting was chaired by the District Vice chairperson, Mr. Araptowet Patrick (Secretary for Education), with the DEO, Mr. Cherotich Michael Kaptekiw also in attendance. The team then visited the following schools: Kirwoko PS, Chekwom PS and Tarak PS. The teachers and head teachers at these schools can testify.

Subsequently, on 14th June 2017 the same team from PMDU visited the district and had another meeting chaired by the CAO, Mr. Michael Wanje before proceeding to visit schools. The schools visited were Chekwom PS, Chepyakaniet PS, Binyiny PS, Kapteror PS, Kapcheropta PS,  Kirwoko PS and Tarak PS.

The Delivery Unit is currently focusing on the issues of absenteeism in schools and health facilities since they affect the quality of teaching and learning in schools and the quality of care in health facilities.

Whereas it’s true that the RDC, Mr. Kennedy Otiti Adhola, raised the question on the authenticity of the data presented to the district leaders at the meeting in Mbale, on 23 June, 2017, his queries were baseless since this data had been collected by his district officials and submitted to the Delivery Unit which further validated the same data during its visits to the districts.

The 20 focus districts which The Delivery Unit has visited are in Eastern Uganda. They were selected based on the 2015 Primary Leaving examination results which ranked them as the worst performing districts in the Country. The districts are: Bududa, Bukwo, Bulambuli, Buyende, Buvuma, Kaliro, Kapchorwa, Kayunga, Kween, Luuka, Manafwa. Mayuge, Mbale, Namutumba, Pallisa, Serere, Sironko, Soroti, Bugiri and Tororo.

The Mbale meeting was organized in conjunction with the Ministries of Education, Health, Public Service and Local Government and its objective was to take stock of progress made on the agreed action points of the previous convention with regard to interventions in improving presence of teachers in schools and health workers in hospitals. The district officials who attended the convention included: RDCs, LCV Chairpersons, CAO’s, DHO’s, DEO’s, ISO staff, DIS’s, DISO’s and Secretaries for social services in the respective districts

The expectation of PMDU is that success should be celebrated. For example, in the case of Buyende District its teacher attendance rose from a baseline of 57% in October 2016 to 87.9% in June 2017 according to district returns and PMDU surveys.

In the health sector for example, health worker’s attendance to duty in Bududa has improved from a baseline of 76% to 83.3%. The performance of some districts has improved greatly in both teacher and health worker attendance, but others have stagnated or deteriorated.

At the Mbale, Districts Convention, it was unanimously agreed to target to improve teacher attendance to 100% and to manage or reduce approved absences, including leave to 15% in the Health sector. Each District came up with a roadmap and trajectory on how to achieve the set targets by end of the year 2017.

The Prime Minister’s Delivery Unit is fully committed to fulfilling its mandate using its methodical approach to service delivery that involves stakeholder’s engagements where priorities are jointly agreed upon, as well as the action plans for implementation.


John M. Agaba

Thematic Head- Education

Prime Minister’s Delivery Unit

Contact Tel: 0772869780