Joel Wanjala

Under Secretary / Finance and Administration

Kalule John

AC Finance and Planning

Apollo Kivumbi

Principal Economist

Erionu Daniel

Senior Economist


To mobilise financial, Human and Physical resources to enable Office of the Prime Minister to deliver its key outputs taking care of proper utilisation of and accounting for the resources released for use by the Vote.


  1. Provide administrative leadreship to the Ministry , Coordination and management of Procuments and management of financial , human and physical resources

Key Activities

Government policy implementation coordination

1. National Coordination Policy operationalized

2. The National Development Plan II Coordinated

3. Progress report on the implementation of recommendations of the Fifth Presidential Investors’ Tables (PIRT V) produced

4. GOU-SME etc ) established and operationalized.

5. Joint Public Sector Management Review (JPSMR) conducted.

6. The National Nutrition Policy Developed

7. The National Advocacy and Communication Strategy, for the Uganda Nutrition Action Plan (UNAP) operationalized

8. Nutrition Forum held

9. Public Sector Management -Sector BFP developed.

Key Achievements

  1. Facilitated the approval of the National Coordination Policy by Cabinet on 25th September, 2015
  2. Facilitated the launch of the Sustainable Development Goals in Uganda. These have been aligned to the National Development Plan II and the United Nations Development Assistance Framework for Uganda.
  3. Generated a draft report, indicating the progress made in implementing recommendations of PIRT and Minerals Value Addition Sub-Sector.
  4. Produced a report on the implementation of GAPR recommendations of FY 14/15 which was included in the GAPR report for FY 14/15
  5. Constituted and operationalized the PIRT technical working groups . These deliberate on the modalities of operationalizing the PIRT phase IV recommendations.