Hon. Ruth Nankabirwa

Government Chief Whip.

Dombo James

Under Secretary Executive and Senior Private Secretary to the Prime Minister.


1. To Support the Rt. Hon. Prime Minister to lead Government business in Parliament
2. Ensures effective implementation of Government business in Parliament
3. Coordinates activities of the Presidential Advisory Committee on budget


  1. Ensuring that All Bills, Motions, Ministerial statements, Questions for oral answers,
    Committee reports and Petitions are presented, debated and concluded;
  2. Ensuring that Reports on the Legislative programme; business transacted in Parliament and Ministries’attendance of plenary meetings are compiled and submitted (OPM/Parliament);
  3. Ensuring that all activity reports on implementation of Government business in Parliament, benchmarking visits are held, research and studies on good governance undertaken, workshops and seminars attended, monitoring visits and consultative meetings held compiled and submitted.(OPM);
  4. Ensuring that all activity reports on the coordination of the Presidential Advisory Committee on budget are compiled and submitted (OPM)


Government business in Parliament coordinated

1. All Bills, Motions, Ministerial statements, Questions for oral answers, Committee reports and Petitions presented, debated and concluded, reports on the Legislative programme, business transacted in Parliament and Ministries’ attendance of plenary meetings compiled and submitted OPM/Parliament)

2. All activity reports on implementation of Government business in Parliament, benchmarking visits held, research and studies on good governance undertaken,workshops and seminars attended, monitoring visits and consultative meetings held compiled and submitted.(OPM)

3. All activity reports on the coordination of the Presidential Advisory Committee on budget compiled and submitted(OPM)

Recent Achievements

Facilitated the passing of 17 Bills notably:

1. The Public Private Partnership Bill, 2014
2. The Anti-Corruption (Amendment)Bill, 2014
3. The Tobacco Control Bill, 2014
4. The Parliamentary Pensions (Amendment) Bill, 2014
5.The Constitution (Amendment) Bill, 2015
6.The National Youth Council (Amendment) Bill,
7.The National Council for Disability (Amendment) Bill, 2015
8 The National Council for Older Persons (Amendment) Bill, 2015
9. The National Women’s Council I(Amendment) Bill,
10 . The Presidential Elections (Amendment) Bill, 2015
11.The Parliamentary Elections (Amendment) Bill 2015
12. The Non-Governmental Organizations Bill, 2015
13. The Parliamentary Elections (Amendment) (No.2) Bill, 2015
14. The Lotteries and Gaming Bill, 2013
15. The Toxic Chemicals Prohibition and Control Bill, 2015
16. The Public Finance Management (Amendment) Bill, 2015
17. The Immunization Bill, 2014

Other achievements include

  • Coordinated the conclusion of 3 Committee reports
  • Facilitated the passing of 16 motions
  • Made, compiled and submitted daily and monthly reports on
    business transacted in Parliament and attendance of plenary meetings by ministers
  • The percentage total number of Ministers in attendance was ranging between 4 and 89 during the two quarters and the number of Ministers in attendance fluctuated between 8 and 35 during the same period.
  • Held a number of consultative meetings with Members of Parliament, Committee chairpersons and regional whips. Held a number of PACOB and compiled the final report to H.E the President