His Excellency President Yoweri Museveni has applauded the role played by religious organizations in boosting government’s efforts to uplift communities, empower citizens and promote development.

The President called upon the Church to continue with this partnership in the country’s journey to a middle income status.

PM Rugunda in a group photo with some of the clergy and government officials that attended the launch of the 10 year Church of Uganda Provincial Master Strategic Plan 2016-2025 at Hotel Africana (Photo by PMPU)

The President made these remarks in a speech delivered for him by the Prime Minister, Dr Ruhakana Rugunda during the launch of the Church of Uganda 10-year Provincial Master Strategic Plan 2016-2025 at Hotel African on Thursday.

President Museveni said the NRM government continues to be a vanguard of justice, peace, security, democracy and reconciliation, adding that the Church and the State have a critical role to play together to improve the citizens’ welfare.

“We as the two entities have a duty and responsibility to work together to improve the welfare of our people. We have to work together to eradicate poverty, to combat diseases, to fight corruption and provide the country with a moral compass,”the President said.

He however noted that much as Church of Uganda has offered a holistic ministry in a non discriminatory manner, its evangelism ministry spark has died out.

“Regrettably, the evangelism fires are not burning vigorously today as they were in the past and as a result, the church is facing erosion of moral standards and integrity. Therefore there is need for renewal of these flames in our churches and society today,” Mr Museveni noted.

His Excellency also thanked the Archbishop of the Church of Uganda Stanley Ntagali for his visionary leadership that has seen Church of Uganda deliver its firstprovincial strategic plan.

The Archbishop of the Church of Uganda, the Most Rev Stanely Ntagali said thestrategic plan was a resolution ofthe 22nd Provincial Assembly held in August 2014 that required the Church of Uganda to come up with a long term plan to guide the operations of the whole church.

He said the provincial master strategic plan will guide the church in its operations for the next 10 years as a whole province and will also give vision and direction to all dioceses.

“The Bible says in Proverbs 29: 18, ‘Where there is no Vision, the people perish’. Therefore, this strategic plan has come to offer the Church of Uganda the vision that will help it in all her operations as it serves the people of God in this nation, especially in offering a systematic and holistic development road map,” the Archbishop said.

His Grace also noted that the times have changed greatly and therefore even the church of Uganda must reposition itself, as well as change strategy and approach in ministry to cope with the new challenges.

“There is need for us to focus on the new things that the Lord is doing for the church and his People. The Church must raise and maintain her prophetic voice over the nation by continuing to do its role and work of being a voice of the voiceless, point people to the risen Lord Jesus Christ as well as preach the gospel of repentance and salvation in and out of season,” Ntagali said.

He highlighted that the strategic plan provides four focus areas namely; Mission, Socio-Economic development, community engagement and Institutional development.

Ntagali thanked all those who were involved in the development of the plan and also called upon government, other key stakeholders and development partners to embrace and operationalize it for the good of the Church of God and service to his people.

During the function, the amended Constitution of the Church of Uganda and a new flag with a new logo were also launched.

The Church of Uganda has been in existence for 140 years and has a current population of 12 million people in the36 dioceses. Ends.