This is in response to the article in the New Vision dated Monday, January 2 2017 and titled “Human Traffickers targeting refugees for body organs” as reported by FIDA Uganda.

Refugees in Uganda are persons who present themselves to the Office of the Prime Minister to seek asylum and get recognized as such. The persons attributed to having reported to FIDA are not known to Office of the Prime Minister and FIDA has not bothered to verify whether they are refugees in Uganda or not.


The Office of the Prime Minister/ Department of Refugees is specifically sensitive to the plight of victims of Human Trafficking and together with other Ministries, Departments and Agencies has embarked on mechanisms to curb the vice.

Uganda is currently host to over one million refugees and the Department of Refugees has specifically taken steps to avert this crime among the refugees and host population through:

I. Awareness creation
II. Community dialogues
III. Sensitization campaigns

These have been carried out in all refugee Settlements and among the urban refugees in Kampala. The same is currently being re-done in collaboration with the Office of the Coordinator/Counter-Prevention of Human Trafficking in Uganda in the Ministry of Internal Affairs headed by Mr. Moses Binoga, a Commissioner of Police.

As of last year, sensitization programmes were carried out among the refugees and the host communities in Klryandongo, Adjumani and Arua Districts and the same is continuing in the remaining Refugee Settlements of West and South West Uganda during 2017.

Conclusively OPM/DOR calls upon FIDA to desist from issuing unnecessary alarming reports pertaining to refugees in Uganda Without verification from the Department of Refugees.